Help Desk Software For Your Web Site

If you are offering products and services online, it will greatly help if you get to monitor the movement of sales, as well as the activity and responses of your clients. Using this type of information is greatly useful if you want to improve your business. You will discover that considering their problems and concerns will optimize your system as well as the way you do business. Here are some tips on how you can stay visible and helpful through your site.

You Can Get It for Free

There are actually plenty of help desk software that can readily be downloaded and installed into your system. These come for free, with several focusing on helping individuals customize and improve their web sites. You only need to have the system requirements to effectively upload the program. You can set up and configure a ticket-based support system or help desk for your web site to cater to your clients more effectively.

Your customers can now submit support tickets and your employees get to have a functional web-based interface to manage help desk tickets and reply to various concerns. Expect several features such as unlimited categories, unlimited personalized accounts for your employees, file attachments, canned responses, easy-to-use web interface, easy-to-translate languages, custom fields in the submit ticket form, effective ticket search capabilities, email notification of new replies and tickets and many more.

You can also customize the appearance of the help desk, editing the style, header and footer. The test can be stored in a single language file so you can translate the script, requiring you to edit only a single file. The software also comes with an install script that is responsible for the database setup so your help desk stays operational with little work. The program should be compatible with the different operating systems.

Why Your Web Site Needs It

Useful help desk software is a web-based application that is created purely to create solutions for browers. A lot of other tools began as client-server applications, with little focus on the web. However, the new approach emphasizes a powerful cross-platform format wherein you can track progress and keep in touch with your customers for full support. A reliable product also comes with a 1-year guarantee, wherein you get unlimited product support via phone or email, maintenance agreements and updates.

How Your Site Can Benefit

In a web help desk, knowledge base functionality is often built in so you can manage the creation of a database that is both expansive and searchable. Common requests with corresponding resolutions will easily be available to clients, administrators and technicians even if they browse independently. You can attach one or more files as well to every FAQ so that the knowledge base continues to grow.

Technicians and clients can benefit more by updating their knowledge constantly through email alerts and other web-based notifications. New tickets and ticket updates can immediately be emailed to the proper clients. Technicians and administrators can be alerted once jobs are still incomplete, unassigned or left unattended over a certain period of time.

You can be sure that client’s concerns online are answered to very well. Scheduled tasks and other assignments are also very unlikely to be missed because of the iCalendar integration. You get full ticket information for every calendar entry.