Helan Shave and Soap Products

Flowers, herbs, extracts…today these are welcomed by the market, but back in 1976 when Helan was created with the purpose of providing natural body care products and cosmetics, the centuries-old knowledge and tradition of herbs seemed to have been forgotten: set aside in a mad rush towards modernism.

Only infinite trust in the healthiness of a world seen in a natural key has convinced Helan of Genoa, Italy to produce cosmetic and body care ranges made from plant oils and extracts, essences, honey and scented waters. These ingredient impart a sense of well-being and beauty, thanks to the wealth of their main ingredients and their affinity with the skin.

HELAN is an acronym made with the words “Helios (sun) and “Animus” (soul, spirit). Thus, sun-filled soul, to signify that the company’s spirit must be clear, warm and full of energy like the sun, the source of all life.

The quality of Helan products is the precious fruit of the union between; nature, millenary tradition, scientific research and up to date technological solutions. At the same time, Helan has always collaborated with the Italian associations that defend animal rights and in 1998 the company joined the first International “Not Tested on Animals” Standard promoted by the LAV (Anti-Vivisection League). In 2004 it obtained the ICEA n. 002 Certification (Institute for Ethical Environmental Certification) and the right to use the international “Stop Animal Testing” logo on all its packaging.

Only to give further examples of Helan’s care for the environment and life on this planet, the company has joined the Clean Energy program. This certifies that Helan respects the environment because every single Kwh of electricity used by the company is produced from renewable sources of energy without the use of fossil fuels (verified by the international DNV organization).

Helan was the first company in the herbalist sector to affirm that their business is dedicated to combining the natural riches of plants for its cosmetics and body care products, while maintaining respect for the animals and the environment. A choice of Helan preparations is one for the union of nature and science and a product made with excellence and utmost care.

Helan offers many herbal based product care lines, one of those being Vetiver and Rum, which boasts a swarthy and woodsy scent for men, with the spices of the Caribbean and European vetiver interwoven to make a splendid addition to any man’s bath and shaving needs.

Emozione Blu is the newest addition from Helan of Genoa. For gentleman, Emozione Blu brings the freshness of Bergamot of Calabria and Sicilian Lemon, as well as Florida Grapefruit and Eucalyptus of Corsica, into its fragrant bouquet. The breez wafting from Ionian algae soon takes over and blends with the heart of the fragrance, Egyptian Jasmine. It is then softened by sub-Alpine Violet. The final notes of Texas Cedarwood and Haitian Vetiver merge with the unique mossy notes that blend into the natural scent of skin and warm sensuality. Emozione Blu conjures up the memories of days in the sun, on the blue sea, with sand and wind.