Heartburn Medication

There are many ways available to treat heartburn. How can you judge if the heartburn medication that is out there is suitable for you? The best way is to first know the severity of your heartburn. You should talk to your doctor to see if these medications will be of help to you.

There are many types of prescription heartburn medications that you can get. A few of those medications however may have side effects like lowering the strength of the LES.

Before you start a course of treatment with these medications, you should consult your physician regarding their side effects.

These prescription medications include the anti-spasmotics like Levsin, Librax, and Bentyl. The calcium channel blockers Procardia, Cardizem, Calan, and Isoptin are a type of heartburn medication that can affect the LES muscle’s effectiveness. The other medications that produce side effects for the LES are the anti-depressants Elavil and Doxepia amongst others.

You have a choice of buying heartburn medication that can reduce and or totally eliminate the production of high levels of excess stomach acid. These medications are said to have the ability to increase the strength of the Lower Esophageal Sphincter. With the excess stomach acid production being stopped the chances of acid refluxing into the esophagus is less.

Unfortunately, these drugs are known to contain certain adverse side effects. These side effects can make your heartburn medication unhelpful. The heartburn medication Propulsid has been taken off the market because it is known to have cardiac side effects.

Another way of treating heartburn is via surgery. The objective of heartburn surgery is to strengthen the LES muscle. A successful surgery can greatly relieve and correct severe acid reflux and heartburn. This surgery is called the Laparoscopic Technique. In this technique the surgery is accomplished through tiny holes incised in the belly button and the upper abdomen. Recovery is quicker with this technique.

Then you get the newer nonsurgical endoscopic heartburn medication. These are the EndoCinch and the NDO Plicator method. The EndoCinch is also referred to as the endoscopic fundoplication or endoluminal gastroplication technique. This involves the use of a sewing device that is attached to the end of the video endoscope. This instrument lets the endoscopist carefully place stitches in the stomach below the LES. Then a row of stitches produces a pleat in the upper part of your stomach. This reduces the pressure against the LES and also the acid reflux. General anesthesia is not used, there are no surgical incisions made, and recovery for the patient is quicker.

In addition to the EndoCinch, The NDO Plicator is another suturing method. This method tightens the LES valve and reduces stomach acid reflux as well. Generally, these techniques are effective in reducing or eliminating heartburn medication and in controlling heartburn symptoms. Check with your doctor to see if any of the mentioned heartburn medication methods will help you. Heartburn medications can greatly improve the quality of your life.