Heartburn Food

Just thinking about heartburn can bring a frown to the face of many a heartburn sufferer. Only a person who has suffered from heartburn, can know the true pain caused by it. That’s why most heartburn sufferers will search almost zealously to find a solution to either prevent, or cure their heartburn. One way of doing this is to pinpoint the ‘heartburn food’ that triggers off an attack.

Researching the subject of heartburn food thoroughly will bring more benefits for the constant heartburn sufferer than realized, as not only will you be able to stop or avoid intake of these trigger foods, but you will now be able to concentrate more on the foods that you can eat without a problem.

So, I think it’s safe to say that ‘heartburn foods’ can be classed into two sections. Those foods that are good for you, and those that will bring an attack of heartburn at the drop of hat.

Naturally, different foods will induce different symptoms in different people. What acts as a trigger for one person, causing an intense pain, might not act in the same way on another person. The pain caused might only be one of mild discomfort, or perhaps that person might not suffer any symptoms at all.

Unfortunately there is no comprehensive list to tell all heartburn sufferers to stay away from this, this and this particular heartburn food. Most of us will just have to learn by trial and error.

Fortunately however, for the vast majority of sufferers there are many common foods that have been found to trigger heartburn, and these have to some extent been catalogued. The best place to find a list of these common foods would be at your doctor’s office.

Most people will be dismayed to learn that any kind coffee, and tea, will generally produce heartburn, as will acidic juices like orange, cranberry, and tomato. Dairy products like ice cream, and milkshakes should also be avoided. For those unfortunates with a sweet tooth, chocolates, brownies, doughnuts, and butter cookies should be avoided as well.

The list of heartburn food to avoid can sometimes seem endless, but there is a sliver lining to this cloud, and the list of good foods isn’t modest either. Apples and bananas, carrots, and baked potatoes, are but a few foods you can enjoy, along with breads, cereals, sour cream and feta cheese.

If you’re looking to eat a meal that’s fit for a king, then you’ll probably be disappointed by the choice of foods available to you, but if you eat to live, and not live to eat, then you won’t have any problem. The benefits of staying away from such heartburn food that you might feel drawn to, far outweigh the disadvantages of actually giving in to your cravings. So remember to eat healthy and live heartburn free.