Heart Meditation

In the Upanishads the expression “knot of the heart” is used
.It is a focus of many postures in yoga and meditations to
help us open up the closed heart. Our heart can be closed
due to past emotional situations that lead us to protect
ourselves, living primarily out of our intellects or because
we are afraid to experience the depths of our love and
compassion. There are different techniques based on each
tradition but releasing sadness and grief to open up our
sympathy for others and capacity to care is a common theme
across them.

Often after doing a heart meditation people will comment
that they see someone in their life they disliked in a
different light and understand why that person can be
irritable or short with others. This is very helpful to
transform relationships with people where there is past
bitterness or hostility.

Source: https://positivearticles.com