Heard About Canadian Government Business Loans? Why Lending Under The SBL Loan Is Right For Your New Or Existing Business

Small is big… in fact it’s huge! We’re talking about small business in Canada, and as most business owners know the large majority of all businesses in Canada are in fact ‘ small ‘. Small is relative of course. But when as a whole they represent a huge portion of employment and commercial sales it’s about time we acknowledged it.

Government business loans are one way in which our key business segment, the SME sector is in fact acknowledged. Its lending specially constructed for the small business owner; a loan new or existing business that makes sense, and in fact has attractive terms.

The simple reason why the government SBL loan should be so attractive to yourself as a business owner is simply that boy is it hard to get the financing you need, in case you haven’t found that out already.

Yes many alternative finance choices have become more popular… financing such as receivable finance, P.O. finance, tax credit monetization, bridge loans on equipment, etc.. but without a doubt the ‘ big kahuna’ of small business finance is still traditional government business loans.

Even though Canadian banks can, we feel, quite legitimately be called conservative lenders the hard fact is that the financing they put through the government SBL lending loans is actually guaranteed in large part by the Federal government.

To its credit INDUSTRY CANADA, the department that administers the program has stayed to the program. Through recent economic recessions, market turmoil, etc the program has remain unchanged. Unchanged? Well not truly correct, because in fact the program got better!

During the 2008-2009 financial worldwide debacle Canada actually increased the loan amount under the program by $ 100,000… going from 250k to 350k. And the personal guarantee that you are required to make under the program remained the same, only 25%. Try and get any other business financing without a 100% guarantee backed by you personally… its simply not available.

But it’s still a tough environment out there; you need knowledge on which bank to deal with (the banks administer and fund the program under the government rules and guidelines). Additionally you need ‘ BOY SCOUT EXPERTISE ” … by that we mean the motto ‘ BE PREPARED’ never sounded better as applicable to ensuring government new business loans are achieved in a timely manner, securing the funding you need.

Simply speaking, knowing the rules, and putting some basic common sense strategies toward those rules allow you to get approved, as well as receiving the loan you need via our vehicle, the SBL loans in Canada.

You can greatly improve your chances of getting a government business loan, aka the ‘ SBL ‘. Knowing what conditions will in fact not allow you to get the loan is valuable information.

Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on getting a proposal and package in place that virtually guarantees you approval under the program if you have covered off some very basic pre-requisites. Government business loans may be the perfect solution to the financing you need – check the program out!