Healthy Lifestyle—Your Choice !

Living a natural and healthy lifestyle begins with routine-habits. These habits help create a strong immune system therefore avoiding a lot of discomfort and disease. A lack of discomfort and disease makes a happier and more contented life. A natural, chemical free lifestyle is uncomplicated; works well in harmony with your body assuring you of a strong immune system, and therefore developing a life filled with much strength , energy and relaxation. Sound good? I know which I would prefer.

In our western society we are known for depending on prescribed chemical medicinal cures rather than turning our ways to the original natural earth related cures we were supposed to use in the first place. Chemical and synthetic drugs do in many cases cure the problem but the side effects that follow or involve them can be worse than the disease itself. I know I have experienced that very thing. I am now more inclined to suggest to prevent illness or disease by a strong and armored body, built up by the right diet and necessary food supplements.

By living the natural way things are simplified, clear and self explained. It makes sense. They build up the bodily functions and in most cases don’t have or have little side effects. If these side effects occur they are normally mild and easily treated by changing to another natural option that better suits the situation.

For example, my granddaughter who is 5 years old, like all children can get excited around sleep time. Instead of choosing a medicine to calm her down her mother simply puts a few dabs of lavender on her tissue to inhale while putting her down to sleep. This is very effective and very natural, not causing any side effects or chemical complications.

If you have never encountered or tried to go natural you are probably asking …

What is a Natural Lifestyle?

To put it simply, you are not only treating an ailment but at the same time introducing natural healthy nutrition which at the same time is building your immune system to fight whatever you have wrong with you. So you are safeguarding and curing at the same time. The safeguarding naturally is also helping to prevent any more oncoming illnesses which otherwise may have occurred.

I have and will always stress that your mind, body and soul control the functions of your wellbeing. Therefore not only should you have a strong body, but also a positive mind (attitude in life) and a positive Godly soul. If your attitude is positive through a trauma in life it is going to promote a quicker and stronger healing process than not.

When I experienced Breast Cancer 10 years ago I chose to-Beat It! – With a strong, positive attitude. I could have chosen to be miserable and continually feel sorry for myself. That I assure you would only have made the task a whole lot harder and unhappier.

To compliment all the above, a daily exercise is essential-walking is great; whatever you choose to do is a great benefit. You only need a minimum of 30 minutes a day, longer is up to you. Also the habit of relaxation is very helpful to settle or deal with any anxieties, as these can prevent your system from working as it should. Stress is not a bad thing. We all have it and some more than others … it is How You Deal With It that makes all the difference.

There will always be the question about whether some of these natural habits or routines are safe, and whether some are beneficial to healing or helping the diseases or medical conditions for which they are designed. On a positive note though scientific studies reveal a great deal of evidence relating to the efficiency of a natural healthy and happy lifestyle.

I guess my main aim and passion is to suggest and encourage you to give the natural way a go, for a time period which is sensible and going to be effective in making your lifestyle not only natural but comfortable and enjoyable.

Live a moment or two longer-it’s your Choice!

Copyright (c) 2007 Jenny Regeling