Health Tips For Better Health

1. Maintain a low-stress lifestyle. Our bodies were not designed for constant high stress levels. Pray your way out of a high-stress lifestyle. If you get everything else right but still have too much stress – it can destroy your health. Let the peace of God rule in your heart! (If it steals your peace – get rid of it!)

2. Eat close to the original diet – Gen. 1:29 – which is fresh raw fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds. Plenty of green leafy (no iceberg lettuce) – daily. The higher the percentage of raw produce, the stronger the immune system. Target 60-85%.

3. Drink pure water. Consume about half your weight in ounces daily (120 pound person drinks 60 ounces).

4. To reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, minimize or eliminate: meat, dairy, refined grains, salt and sugar/sugar substitutes. Avoid unclean meats (pork, shellfish, catfish, etc.). When eating meat, choose meat which has been raised in a natural free-roaming environment with a natural diet (i.e. grass-only fed beef) and raised/processed without hormones, antibiotics or chemicals. Use meat more as a condiment instead of main course.

5. Minimize or eliminate stimulants. The most common stimulants are nicotine, caffeine, drugs, salt & sugar. Some herbs are stimulants and for temporary use only.

6. The two most important supplements are: (a) The (8 essential) glyconutrients which cause proper cell-to-cell communication. When the cells communicate properly, they send the healing message along with ‘proper functioning’ messages. No other supplement does for the health of the body what the glyconutrients do and they are not found in our diets today in quantities needed. And, (b) friendly bacteria/probiotics. The average colon flora is 80% bad bacteria/20% good and should be 80% good bacteria/20% bad. Very important for improved health.

7. Guard your environment. Avoid man-made chemicals (on skin, in air you breath, in foods/drinks you consume and on clothing). Get fresh air and sunshine daily. Deliberately oxygenate your body daily. Cancer can’t live in oxygenated cells.

8. Consume fats in the form of raw, unheated, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats – raw nuts & seeds, avocados, coconut, extra virgin olive oil (most other oils have been heated in processing) and fresh ground flax seed daily. Avoid animal fat, hydrogenated fat and heated fat.

9. Eat with the right attitude! Chew your food until it turns to liquid, in a relaxed environment. Eat when hungry but do not idolize food or use it for comfort. Jesus is our comfort – The Living Well. And let Him help you with forgiveness. Forgiveness directly affects our health. Just let it go!

10. Maximize ‘stop and go’! Get plenty of sleep (7-8 hours per day minimum) and exercise regularly – walking, trampoline rebounding, video workouts, etc. Variety is the key to making exercise easier!