Health Issues For Electricians

Electricians work in a lot of different settings and could be exposed to different health hazards. Some of these health hazards that electricians are exposed to are solvents, solder, lead and other materials to mention a few. Electricians also sometimes work in small confined spaces. Workers can be injured and killed each year while trying to work in confined spaces. There are many reasons why these kind of spaces can be very dangerous to workers everywhere. People that try and rescue workers from these types of spaces can also be in danger.

Another hazard for an electrician is fatal risk of electric shock. Most people don’t realize but the current in your home or a business can carry enough electrical power to cause electrocution and even death. If you come in contact with a live part of a lamp socket while changing a light bulb, this could be very dangerous and could kill or injure a person. You can also get electric burns. Moulds, fungi and bacteria can also be a health issue for electricians. Electricians work in moist and wet areas at times. In homes and buildings moulds and fungi can grow on drywall, fabric, wood, ceiling tiles, wallpaper and carpeting. Any moist area can be affected by this and can be a health hazard to a electrician.

Hazards of falling, tripping and slipping are also health issues for an electrician. To avoid having a accident a electrician must watch out for wet or oily surfaces, spills, loose rugs, mats and slippery flooring, poor lighting in areas, clutter in the way, uneven walk surfaces and other things that may cause injury. Electricians should be aware of their surroundings at all times and the potential danger that could be around them.

Electricians can also get eye injury from flying particles in the air. And should wear protective eye wear when working and using tools. Dust, dirt and other particles can fly through the air causing eye injury. Injury can occur when using certain hand and power tools while working. Sometimes electricians can get possible exposure to asbestos which is a health issue. If a electrician is working at heights, they should be careful with their footing to keep from falling, tripping and slipping.

A electrician can loose their footing if they are working at heights and climbing ladders. They must made sure they have good work boots that will give them traction on smooth or wet surfaces. Working in hot and cold temperatures can also be dangerous to your health. When you are working in very hot temperatures there is a danger of heat stroke. In the coldest temperatures there is a danger of hypothermia. Both of these health issues require immediate medical attention. These are just a few of the health issues that electricians need to watch out for while working on the job.