Healing What Works And Doesn’t Work

Illness exists in the conscious mind. In order for one to be ill they have to know that they are. One’s illness will also be present in the minds of those who know you as sick and if you know someone as being sick then you are unwittingly supporting their illness.

Recently I was invited to my first group Deeksha (Oneness Blessing). I have been to several private sessions with my sisters and I have been waiting for months to get in on a group session.

About 15 people attended the Deeksha including four teenagers, adults a cat and a dog. One of the practitioners announced that the session was dedicated to Mothers as it was Mother’s Day and to two women she introduced as having cancer and needing energy. The idea was that the energy of the group would somehow work towards the healing of the two women.

Let me tell you why I know that this blessing would not give energy to the healing of the women’s cancer. In fact it would create a greater awareness of their illness and may even contribute to it.

As an off topic example; peace marches and antiwar rallies don’t work to create peace. In fact just the opposite; they help to bring an awareness of war and promote it in both the conscious and subconscious mind. The awareness of war manifests into the experience of war when one or more people continually have it in their thoughts. Remembrance Day, Memorial Day or similar holidays, only contribute to the energy of war while taking that energy away from peace. By wanting one thing we inadvertently manifest another.

In another example, a head ache or tooth ache is not as severe or threatening as cancer and all of us have had one of these ailments. After a period of time the hurting starts to go away when we begin to focus on something other than the headache. In fact you are not even aware that it has gone for awhile until suddenly you realize, oh, my headache is gone. Many of us have experienced the loss of pain from a headache until someone reminds us that we have one, or asks how our headache is? The awareness of a headache brings back the experience of having one along with the pain.
All physical events are like that. There has to be an awareness of the event for it to happen. Nothing happens by chance or accident; at some level there is intelligence or thought behind the event. Although the severity of a headache and cancer are different, they are still the same thing; an illness played out differently in different degrees of suffering and results. A major illness is just a minor illness exaggerated and visa versa.

Now back to the Deeksha. Before we were introduced to each other my mind was not on illness but on receiving the blessing. After the introduction my mind was on two women in the group with cancer. Before knowing this, I believe only four people knew about it, now there were at least 15 people who knew these two women had cancer.
During the time of the meeting and during the blessing, these people would be thinking about the women’s cancer in one way or another. Some would be concentrating on their healing while others would be thinking about different aspects of their condition. But for the time that we were there, the energy would be focused on cancer. Now there are fifteen people fostering cancer by giving it their energy. Two were experiencing having the disease and trying to heal it and the others were offering their support. But nowhere in the group would there be acknowledgement of two perfectly healthy women. The focus was on the war against cancer, not on the peace of a perfectly healthy body.

In the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes teaches that when a person comes to a practitioner asking for healing, the practitioner does not attempt to heal this person. He knows that it is not the sick person who needs healing but himself. The awareness of the person’s ailment is now in the experience of the practitioner. The two have come together to support the experience of illness. It is the intent therefore of the practitioner, to begin to know the person as whole in mind, body, and spirit without giving notice to the ailment of the difficulty in his/her circumstance. So the thoughts and the mind are not on healing but on already knowing the person has healthy. In holistic practice the part of the body that is ill is not focused on. When you heal the mind, you heal the body. When you heal the thoughts, illness has no life. To the degree that you know this, not just believe it, is the degree that you will experience good health and abundance.

In the meeting for the “oneness blessing” we, as a group, would have been more effective if we did not think about these women having cancer. However, having being told this, we could begin to know them as healthy and thus create the experience of health. It’s not about burying your head in the sand, it’s about shifting energy from one thing to another. When you think about healing someone, you have to know that they are ill, so you confirm their illness first. That is what a doctor really does. You feel sick, you think there is something wrong, you go to the doctor and he confirms your illness. Now you are sick both in your mind and his and anyone else you have told. Now you are supporting a mindset of illness and healing rather than health.

In my book “Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle” I go into more detail about how this works. I also tell you about my own experience with Perthes Disease and how I cured myself of it. I demonstrate how a six year old can create and cure a potentially crippling disease through the act of knowing.

I am not suggesting for one moment that you ignore illness or accidents or not go see a doctor if something comes up. They serve you well if you are prepared to understand their origins. Illness and accidents are outward manifestations of an inner thought that is in error. They are telling you that something in your life is not working; they are wake up calls that you shouldn’t ignore.

Illness is a fact of life because we believe it is. But a physical ailment is more about a subconscious one; heal the mind – heal the body!

In healing we can repair the body, but we don’t always heal the trauma that it causes. When healing holistically, we heal body, mind, and spirit. We don’t focus on the ailment or disease, but imagine the person as whole. There is intelligence behind illness or an accident, so there is a reason for it. If we do not discover the reason; more than likely the situation will repeat itself and with more force or in another form. The farther removed you are from your spiritual awareness the more likely illness or accidents will be the form of communication between body and spirit.