Healing The Universe is an Inside Job

“Healing the universe is an Inside Job” is a quote that was printed at the bottom of an email send to me by my good friend Tajuana. When I first read it, I thought “Wow” what a great line – I’ll have to use it somewhere. After thinking about it for a few minutes I now see that the line is in complete error.

The universe is perfect the way it is. It is the matrix from which all forms of life interact with each other to experience the physical life. It is a playground or buffet of experiences from which we choose.

As a blank piece of paper would be the background from which we draw our lines, the universe as it is, simply represents the thoughts of its inhabitants. To say that a piece of paper needs healing would be incorrect. The line filled paper with its meaningless scribbles and useless information is simply representative of the mind that drew them. The universe or at least a very tiny part of it may be filled with humanities insanity, but it is the human mind that has created it not the universe. Man creates all that he/she experiences. The bathwater may be dirty but it started out clean; what caused it? You may have nice clean fresh sheets on you bed, but that will change the more you lie in them. It is not the universe that needs healing; it is humanity.

To say that “healing the universe is an inside job” simply is a nice way to say that “we” need healing. We are not separate from the universe; we are intimately connected to it. And the issue I have with using the terminology, or being nice, is that we take away the responsibility for directing the healing where it is needed the most. In other words, if something or someone else needs healing, it is not us and any energy given to the task of healing the universe will not go where it will do the most good.

The bottom line here is that the universe is literally commanded by your words, and it takes them literally. Thought, word, and deed – the word is the command for action and it must be absolutely clear. The universe does not interpret what we say. This is the secret to why most people do not get what they want, because they have not made it perfectly clear to the universe as to what it is that they want.

The mind commands the universe to create by using words, and it is the function of the universe to obey without second guessing. You may ask for a million dollars because you think it will make you happy, but the order you put in was for a million dollars – not for happiness.

I like the line, and it sounds very meaningful and spiritual, but it simply does not work, and it takes us away from the true issue, and that is that man is sickening his part of the universe and he needs to be healed, and that is an inside job.

The other issue is that most of us wouldn’t want to hear “Healing man is an inside job.” We don’t want to contemplate that we are ill or need healing. It is common place in our society to look at another and say it’s you, not me!

Our culture and language are full of these nice sayings and we keep using them because it makes us feel good to say them and it moves the responsibility for change to something or someone else.
Our language is probably our greatest obstacle in creating or experiencing what we want. The words we choose separate us from each other, the universe, and all the things we desire.

The first and greatest step to healing the universe is to heal the creator; heal man, and the universe will automatically heal itself.