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Healing Power Yoga to Develop Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Healing power yoga is an effective way as yoga can manage many diseases, especially the chronic and functional types. By practicing yoga, you can enhance several medical situations and reduce the negative effects of infertility, insomnia, lung diseases, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, joint pain and high blood pressure.

The beneficial factors of practicing yoga are well identified by not only the yoga group of people but also by medical professionals. Healing power yoga is not just a sequence of exercises rather the healing power yoga makes a great change in the body.

Discover Healing power yoga Of Fight or Flight Response to Stress

One of the major elements that cause an illness is stress. For some people stress is simply the individual’s response to an outside stimulus. Being responsible for a huge number of illnesses, which we build up in our minds, can be eliminated through healing power yoga and a proper practice of yoga techniques.

There are many problems that are related to an over active stress response. However, some of the problems of this over active stress are: anxiety, obsessive-compulsive eating disorder, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, cardio-vascular disease, types of diabetes, and several autoimmune diseases.

The response of the sympathetic nervous system can cause stress in our metabolism. The response to various outside stimuli is also known as the “fight or flight” response where the mind and body, face with a disturbing element, prepare for one of the two options.

Physically, this is noticed through an instant increase in heart rate, together with a high level of blood pressure. Internally, this response decreases the blood flow to internal organs and processes that are not essential in that specific moment are blockout.

This condition of increased consciousness and willingness is beneficial on a short term, preparing our body to react to the outside interferences and stimuli. In both of these situations, “fight” and “flight”, the body is geared up to act physically and mentally.

The major problem occurs only when stress is exposed for a long-term. This “fight or flight” response, also called the acute stress response, is only helpful in short periods of time. The longer it is activated the less resources will be available to the body in order to function normally.

However, there is a natural countermeasure for the “fight or flight” response. It is called the parasympathetic nervous system or the “relaxation response”, which is automatically activated when the elements that caused the stress are departed and also possible to raise its effects by breathing deeply and relaxing your muscles.

By raising the span of this process, it is possible to allow our body to recuperate faster, enabling it to remove the harmful effects of stress in a manner that is prompt and efficient. Practicing yoga, with its mental focus on postures and breathing, can bring out the relaxation response.

Healing power yoga highlights the idea that by using the techniques of breathing and relaxation, the harmful effects of stress factors on the body can be reduced.

The fight-or-flight response can also be achieved by looking at unfavorable factors as challenges rather than threats. This type of challenges allows your mind to concentrate on finding a solution for the response, rather than making an abrupt response.

In healing power yoga, the positive effects of yoga throughout healing process are indubitable. However, these techniques are to be used as a form of support but the healing process shouldn’t rely completely on them.

The best outcome can be attained by merging yoga with traditional and recent medicine and by dealing a problem from both mental and physical point of view.