Having the Right Mindset to Learn Spanish Quickly

Many of us, in a hurry to learn Spanish, either concentrate on shortcuts or depend heavily on study materials. What we fail to realize is that the right learning resources constitute only a part of the whole learning process. Having the right mindset and approach forms the base for an effective and results-oriented learning process. Most importantly, having the correct mindset is totally dependent on the learner himself and not on a tutor or learning structure.

Here are a few tips that can help you develop the right mindset so that you can learn Spanish quickly and effectively.

Stay connected with the language: If you are one of those learners who stops thinking about Spanish soon after the learning session ends and again associates with it only when the next session starts, then you are in trouble. Learning Spanish as a foreign language requires you to stay connected with the language beyond the time you have spent in classes. ‘Staying connected’ does not mean that you have to practice Spanish vigorously and stressing yourself. Rather, it means to spend enough time with Spanish so as to get to know it better.

Unlike the ‘start and stop method’ of learning Spanish which makes you get detached from the language, staying connected with Spanish allows you to get more familiar and increase your rapport with the language. Spend enough time with Spanish after class – go to the library, attend Spanish seminars, play Spanish language games or read Spanish comics and stories.

Discover the language on your own: I must say this is one feature that differentiates an active learner from a passive learner. This feature reflects the level of enthusiasm in a person who wishes to learn Spanish. Just like a growing child who discovers the world on his own, a learner who is new to the language should also discover the language on his own.

An enthusiastic learner will not stop learning Spanish by sticking with what he gained from study material. Instead, he acquires more knowledge about the subject by doing research and takes his learning to the next level.

Create your own Spanish world: It is not always possible for a Spanish learner to stay in a Spanish-speaking country, but as language and culture are intricately connected, one needs to be familiar with both of these elements when learning a language. The more you expose yourself to the Spanish community, the more you feel connected with the language.

With the advent of online Spanish learning resources, students from anywhere in the world can learn Spanish. Online learning also helps in getting you connected with the native Spanish community without having to move out of your home. They provide learning videos in which a native speaker teaches you the Spanish topics and also provide opportunities to interact with other Spanish-teaching faculty and Spanish learners.

You can even connect with native and non-native Spanish population through social media. Also, Spanish songs, movies and plays do help a lot in bringing you closer to the Spanish culture and community.

Relax and enjoy the learning process: What one forgets while learning Spanish for a set purpose is “to enjoy the learning process.” Do not be concerned about memorizing the syllabus in one shot. Remember that learning and improving Spanish is a gradual process and is not scheduled or controlled. Therefore, take your time learning Spanish and make your learning stress-free, as stress adds additional burden. Try to balance your learning process with entertaining learning resources like games, movies, plays, etc.

Learn Spanish from what you are interested in: This is yet another important aspect to note while learning Spanish. While going through organized study materials helps you gain sound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, other literature and sources will help you know the correct usage of the language. Pick up novels, biographies, television shows, radio shows, stories, etc., that interest you to help you learn Spanish. Picking up interesting sources will keep you motivated in learning the language.

Believe in yourself and have the right attitude: Despite your continuous effort to learn Spanish, there may be situations when you face difficulty in going to the next level. It is during those situations that you should believe in yourself and should not give up on the learning process.

Also, remember that there is no shortcut to learning Spanish. Though it takes time, you will learn Spanish by doing the right things regularly. Furthermore, you have to take the responsibility of your own learning and design or follow a process that ensures effective learning of Spanish.

In order to have a right beginning and right ending for your Spanish learning process, you need to have the right mindset. This mindset paves the path for not only learning Spanish to fulfill your current needs, but also helps you in retaining the knowledge throughout your life.