Having Faith

In most religions, God is presented to the followers thru faith. You have to believe in the fact that God exists, but there’s no proof for that. We often think that freedom means doing whatever we want, but true freedom comes from only one place – Obeying the Lord. Only faith in a worthy object can see us through hard times.

God has given us some incredible gifts to walk this earth with. Let’s start making use of them! Number one on the list is the “gift of choice”; a theme that comes up in many retreats here in Sedona. This last two years, I have come to see in a deeper way how truly awesome this gift of choice is. It totally controls our reality. Many clients want to know how to control their thinking; their life is dominated by too much thinking. I don’t want to try and teach any client how to control their thinking but encourage them to see they can “choose” which thoughts to give life too! Big difference! Take a moment and consider that. God or whoever your Creator is gave you the enormous gift of being able to choose which thoughts to give energy too. If you have a negative thought you can just ignore it! The divine trinity is: thought, feeling, behavior. So if you choose not to give life to bad thoughts, you won’t have bad feelings and thus not behave in negative ways. And then the fourth piece comes into play:vibration. If you don’t think, feel and behave negatively, you lower the attraction of negative circumstances. Many religions encourage us to pray to God for help, “Oh please, God, help me, I am lost.” There is nothing wrong with that. But what I suggest is first try and use the gift God gave you:choice. Try and see that you can choose not to pay attention to “thoughts of feeling so lost”. Make sense, brothers and sisters? Those thoughts are coming out of low moods and are truly are not real. Neal Donald Walsh in his final book of the series, Home with God, talks a great deal about “choice”. I encourage you to read it. God gave you the “gift of wisdom”. It’s your birthright. Wisdom can be called many different things: common sense, instinct, spiritual intelligence, gut feeling, etc. We have all experienced these feelings at one time in our life. But how many of us make use of this gift? I talk to many clients about the idea of “experimenting equals validation”. I encourage them to turn decisions-making moments into opportunities to experiment with their wisdom. Instead of processing that decision through their personal mind, give their wisdom a chance to offer an insight about it. And when that insight comes, and it will, you will have validation.

God will take care of his people through his own methods and in his own timing. I guess you can say that all these people by their toughts and actions create a community of Good , which can be considered a metaphisical entity , but it is far from the description of God from religions.