Having A Reality Distortion Field Can Be A Help

Everyone’s talking about the biography of Steve Jobs. We like to read about icons and successful people and hope that a little bit of their attitude and abilities will rub off onto us. That’s completely natural and a great way in which to learn. A term that becomes familiar to the reader of this particular biography is the reality distortion field.

When you hear this phrase for the first time you tend to assume that it’s a little on the negative side. When you hear that something is distorted you kind of assume that it’s bent out of shape in a kind of broken sense. But as you read this particular biography you can see how having a distorted view of reality can in fact be of very great benefit to you and also others who rely upon you, look up to you or take instructions from you.

Steve Jobs managed to get his team to create incredible things purely because he demanded it of them. He wanted something done and his own reality distortion field made him believe them to be possible. This in turn got his team to work within his reality distortion field to achieve things that they had previously firmly believed to be impossible.

Thus here is a shining example of a reality distortion field being used in a beneficial manner. When you pause for a moment to think about all great inventors and inventions you will realize that what led to their inventions was their mind first imagining the reality they wished to achieve. They stepped outside reality and used their imaginations to see their goal. Then, as they focused upon their goal they found a way in which to achieve it.

What is interesting with Steve Jobs is that he managed to get so many people to take part in his reality distortion field. His goal, his image, his dream became their dream and they found a way to achieve it. This is what good leaders do. They enthuse their team with the energy and belief that motivates them to achieve their goals. It has to be said that Mr. Jobs had a particularly unusual manner of doing this, but never the less he did lead (or bully?) his team to create what had previously been thought of as impossible dreams.

Being able to imagine a goal is vitally important if you wish to achieve it. You can see how your mind works “from the top down” and the simple process of imagining your goal clearly allows your mind to find a way in which to achieve it. Returning to the example of Steve Jobs, he managed to get people to change their own firmly held beliefs about what was or was not possible. He got them to override their beliefs and prove themselves wrong.

This demonstrates the incredible power of the mind. If you imagine something clearly enough and with sufficient passion you can overcome even your own beliefs to achieve your dreams. The impossible thus becomes a reality.

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