Having a Mobile Technology Strategy Matters

Did you know that (according to a recent survey) only 50% of businesses have the infrastructure in place to enable remote working of any kind? This is actually pretty strange considering that by the end of this year (apparently), there will be more smart phones and tablets in the world than PCs.

Mobile technology and working is changing the face of business as we know it. So maybe it’s time to catch up and start thinking about how to integrate mobile technology within the organisation?

Tool up your staff
Many organisations are struggling to give their staff the necessary tools to work out of the office effectively. But if you do have a mobile strategy, have you reviewed it since you published it? Who was it aimed at? What devices did you plan for? What applications was it for?

Mobile platforms are changing every day and we have no idea what’s going to happen next year. I mean, today’s Apple could be tomorrow’s compost. I read recently that the pace of development in the mobile market isn’t just agile, it’s reckless. So how can you devise a strategy for something that is changing so rapidly?

You’ll have to think carefully about what technologies you’re going to implement. From Apple, to Android, to Microsoft. Each of these well-known names has a plethora of devices available, each with their own benefits. It’s just a case of deciding which ones best fit around you.

The same goes for your applications. It’s not a case of taking your existing systems and sticking them onto your tablet or smartphone. You may experience compatibility issues, as well as usability issues. This is the last thing you want if you’re a busy executive who depends on efficient mobile working on a day-to-day basis.

Then there’s working from home. More and more people require the ability to work from home, whether they are finishing stuff off in the evening or spending days at home, working away from distractions. But one thing businesses must ensure is that their remote workforce has full access to the network. Remote terminal services access and VPNs (virtual private network) are on the increase, and provide users with a near in-office experience. This is vital for achieving truly remote working, opening up a new world to you and your employees.

Who would this work for?
A mobile technology strategy is perfect for the finance team. Just think about how many hours are spent chasing for expenses, POs and updated budgets. With a well thought through mobile strategy, you could evolve your accounting system to be available on the cloud, on any mobile device. So your sales team or project managers can have access to accounting software no matter where they are and update their figures on the go.

This sort of working is rapidly becoming the norm, are you up to date?