Haven Holidays

When people talk about going on holiday they usually mean going on a holiday abroad. This is a good option if you are someone who likes the idea of traveling on an airplane. For people who prefer to have their holidays closer to home there are other options that are open to them. One such option is Haven Holidays.

Haven Holidays is a family park. It is easy to decide where you want to spend your Haven Holidays in. There are 35 Haven Holiays parks that are located across England, Wales and Scotland. In many cases you will be able to find a Haven Holidays park that is located near a beach. So not only do you get all of the great facilities of Haven Holidays you will also be able to enjoy a beach holiday as well.

While each of the Haven Holidays parks are slightly different to each other, they are all well equipped with the various facilities that you will need to have fun while you are staying in Haven Holidays. Your home away from home is quite comfortable with a high standard of quality. You can choose to spend your holidays at Haven Holidays in a caravan, holiday homes, lodges or even apartments. Each of these places is quite luxurious for either staying at Haven Holidays for a short break or an extended holiday.

Besides places to stay you will find various shops that are located in Haven Holidays. These shops will be able to provide you with almost all of your needs. There are bakery shops, photoshops, gift shops, a launderette and facilities where you can post your letters. Besides these shops you will find a play area for your children, and also leisure and sports facilities where you can keep fit while you are on holiday.

You will also find lots of places where you can eat well. There are inns and restaurants that serve good quality food. Some Haven Holidays have their own Burger King and Harry Ramsden’s located in the park.

Haven Holidays is well prepared to keep your whole family happy and entertained. For your children there is a Kids Club where they can have fun without their parents worrying about them. During the daytime there are events that the children can join in. They can see pantomimes, play in team sports, enjoy watching wrestling as well as others. For the evening family entertainment there is a talent show where you can strut your stuff and sing, a circus to thrill you and your kids and many other activities for you.

Haven Holidays is a family holiday retreat. You will find everything that you need for a happy and fun filled holiday that is located close to home. For people who don’t like to travel very far Haven Holidays is the answer to your holiday blues.