Have You Heard of This Great, Enriching and Profitable Story?

Have you heard of this great, enriching and profitable story? People love to hear stories and if it is a great, enriching and profitable story, you can bet they will share it with their loved ones, relatives and friends!

The idea of turning expenses into income sounds like magic but this is a true story, so please read carefully and between the lines, there are gems of wisdom in it! There was a wise businessman who recognised that for every dollar he spent someone makes money! He started thinking of how he can participate in this money-making process? He thought of this irresistible offer to turn your daily expenses into an ongoing income!

The traditional way of getting products from manufacturers through wholesaler and agents plus billions of dollars spent on advertising had created a great opportunity for this businessman who was wise enough to see a cost-effective way of moving products from manufacturer directly to the consumers through referral marketing!

This idea has grown into a booming industry that has taken the world by storm! Many people like the idea of a co-operative consumer club where they can pay wholesale instead of retail through the power of bulk purchases and saving lots of money by not incurring the costs of middlemen and expensive advertising.

And nothing spreads faster than a great, enriching and profitable story that will make life better for millions of people worldwide! What if there is a way to turn your daily expenses into an ongoing income, would you be interested? Of course you will be interesed because like it or not you are going to spend money every month on consumables, food supplements, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and household products with companies that do not share their revenue with you, Because you are not part of their organisation and they have already paid a lot to the middlemen and the advertising agencies to generate their sales, there’s nothing left for you, all the profit goes to the company!

Isn’t it a brilliant idea if a company comes to you and tell you to shop with them and they will share their profits with you from the savings they made from having no middlemen and no advertising. Isn’t it a great way to tell your loved ones, relatives and friends about great products that offer great value and benefits and the opportunity to creat a lifetime income! It has been proven time and time again, word-of-mouth advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising!

This great idea of sharing revenue with customers and incorporating a why-not-do? business opportunity into it is simply brilliant! Millions worldwide are looking for a simple, profitable and duplicatable home-based business. It is a why-not-do? business because basically you are just switching stores and buying from a company that offers you greater value, better quality and is willing to share its revenue with you!

This wise businessman understood the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln who said that, “You can fool all the people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” He realised that the foundation of his business must be based on these core values: Integrity, Great Value, Great Quality, Great Service and Great Relationship! He realised that he wants to offer people an opporunity to build a lifetime business, he knows people don’t want “lunchtime” income, they want “lifetime” income!

He has seen how companies out of greed or lack of vision, lost their customers because they didn’t take good care of them and he understood the lifetime value of a customer! He wanted his customers to do business with his company for life and intends to build a lifetime relationship with them! He introduced a powerful proven and tested system to keep his customers happy and the company grew from strength to strength and had enjoyed tremendous growth because he knows how to take care of the customers and the leaders who are commited to building a lifetime business!

It is truly a why-not-do? business where you can turn your daily expenses into an ongoing income!

This great, enriching and profitable story will be told over and over again across borders from country to country! And it all started from the wisdom, vision and leadership of this businessman and this story will make a positive difference to millions of lives worldwide!

Copyright (c) 2007 Bruce Seah