Have You Become A Compulsive Spender?

Shopping has always been one of the nation’s favorite past time. Unfortunately for some, it got a bit too expensive. People who can not control their spending are referred to as compulsive spenders. Simply put, compulsive spending is a behavior where you buy things you want even if you can not afford them or have any use for them. You buy for the sake of buying. Regrettably, the temporary happiness you may feel urges you to spend more. At the end, you rack up a large credit card debt and ruin your financial life.

The first signs that you will notice is when you are lying about your purchases or even hiding them. Other signs of compulsive spending include using your checks even if you do not have funds to cover the purchase, shopping when feeling sad or depressed and maxing out your credit cards.

If you have noticed that you have been doing these things, you should stop immediately. Compulsive spending can ruin your life if it is not controlled. You could end up losing whatever assets you have such as your jewelries, car and even your home. If things get really bad, you would be harassed by creditors and you might have to declare bankruptcy.

Before it becomes too late for you, you should try and control your spending on your own. You can start by admitting to yourself that you have become a compulsive spender. After doing so, you can determine why you are always shopping like there is no tomorrow. Are you lonely? Sad? Angry? Whatever the reason is, it is about time you confront it. To avoid the risk of using your credit cards, leave them at home or cut them up. Getting rid of these temptations would certainly help you curb your spending habits.

Seek professional help if you think you need outside help. The most effective treatment available is psychotherapy. This treatment involves counseling, which would help you and the therapist determine the reason behind your behavior. In most cases, compulsive spenders have low self-esteem, are depressed and sincerely believe that spending will help them feel happier or fulfilled.

Another treatment involves hypnotizing you. Hypnotherapy conducted by a qualified individual can stop your compulsive spending. This would be accomplished simply by making suggestions to your subconscious. The therapy could last for as little as 3 sessions. You will be surprised at its effectiveness and quick results.