Hauntings at Crowley Hall?

Work at Crowley Hall in England has had to be halted after suggested paranormal activity has taken place there.

Crowley Hall was bought by local property developer Steven Newton, who intended to turn the old hospital into flats. Work had begun in early 2006, but had to be stopped when human bones were found behind a fireplace. Enough bones were found for four human bodies. Investigators had to be called in before work could continue.

“Some of the events here have got so bad, that the builders I brought in, have refused to come back in the building. Rumours spread quickly, so it is becoming very difficult finding workers that will come here.”

An anonymous builder told reported that he had been working in one of the rooms, when his toolbox flew across the room and smashed against the wall. One of the builders was physically pushed over, almost down a flight of stairs. It was when one of the builders was apparently bitten by a suggested presence, that work couldn’t continue at Crowley Hall. Steven in now in a position where he has had to call in a team of paranormal investigators.

“The police told me that there is nothing I could do, so I called in a team of ghost hunters. I think the police thought that I was making it all up.”

Crowley Hall, built in the late nineteenth century, has had it’s fair share of controversy over the years. Originally built to operate as a hospital, then mental asylum, it ceased serving this purpose when its founder, Dr. Bernard Leys, died of a heart attack during an operation. It was after this incident that rumours surfaced of Dr. Leys carrying out unsanctioned tests on inmates. This has never been verified, due to a fire that broke out at the Hall, destroying all of Dr. Leys’ notes and records.

Crowley Hall lay abandoned for many years, before re-opening in 1970 as a children’s hospital. There are a number of reported occurrences of strange paranormal happenings during it’s time as a hospital. Paranormal activity got so bad at one point, that a spiritual medium was supposedly brought to the hall to cleanse it of all evil spirits. Again, this cannot be verified, although no further reports of paranormal activity have been reported after this supposed cleansing. The hospital was shut down gain when a bigger children’s hospital was built nearby.

Steven purchased the property in 2005, and until recently wasnt really a believer in the paranormal. He hopes that if the ghost hunters can help to explain whats going on at the hall, then he might not only be able to get back to work, but also understand a little bit more of the afterlife.

“All I want is to know what is exactly going on in that place, and hopefully it will stop me feeling like I am going mad.”