Has Depression Got You Down? You Need To Know This….

Are you depressed? If so, don’t feel like you’re alone. It happens to millions of Americans and others around the world. The thing that really stinks about depressive symptoms is that, with all of our medical capabilities, we still haven’t come up with a proven cure for depression. There’s a reason for this situation too. Read more.

The biggest obstacle that doctor’s face with finding a cure are that there are a lot of different types of depression to deal with and of these, some have their own special symptoms that have to be dealt with. This is why some doctor’s will give you multiple medications to try to help you. You could be suffering from a few symptoms and they would have to place you on a different medicine for each of your symptoms. Example, you might be suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia (Insomnia is sleep deprivation). In this case, the doctor may give you an antidepressant medicine like Zoloft, something to help your anxiety symptoms like Busbar and possibly Trazadone in order to help you sleep. This is all hypothetical, but comes from real experience.

The only problem with antidepressant drugs is that, in many instances, they only relieve the depressive symptoms about 70% of the time and of that, only partially. There are many people that must “try” a lot of different medicines before they either find one that helps or choose to try something completely different, such as therapy. The problem with these medications is that it takes three to four weeks for them to get fully integrated into your system. Only after this time has passed will you know if they are helping you, not helping you or making things worse. After this time frame has passed you may decide to try another drug and the process starts all over again. Whatever you do, never stop taking your medications without consulting your doctor first. This can be very dangerous in some cases.

Other issues with antidepressants are the side effects. These are always such a joy to deal with. Nervousness, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, fatigue and more. Isn’t it so ironic that some of the side effects are things that you could have gone to the doctor to be seen for in the first place?

There are several other types of depression that are very serious such as Clinical depression or Manic (Bipolar) depression. People that have these depressive disorders suffer from an array of symptoms such as mood swings, sometimes violent, inability to sustain normal relationships with friends or family, suicidal thoughts and more.

Manic depressives have also will sometimes engage in self mutilation, cutting themselves all over their arms and legs. Not enough to be life threatening normally, but enough to leave awful scarring and cause themselves much pain.

Depression is mental disorder that has become much more common in this day and age. If you suffer from depressive symptoms for more than 2 weeks, you must seek medical advice and find out your best options. Good luck to you.