Happiness – possess it and be stress free

Happiness is a poem I wrote as philosophy of life. Whenever I feel stressed. I use it as stress reliever and helping agent to bring equilibrium in my life. Being Clinic Psoriasis administrator, I know stress is the single most important trigger for psoriasis patients. I will feel happy if this poem can help any psoriasis patient in controlling their conditions Let the content gets into your mind, body and soul. The more you will feel the contents within yourself, You will feel better and stress relieved. This in turn will help you to control your angry psoriasis condition and flare ups. Just enjoy it.

Happiness… What is Happiness? A shadow! An un-possess-able Shadow!! Or A Bag of Sand, just a small hole in the bag and sand is gone.

What is Happiness? Is becoming RICH happiness? Or, having family, friends and relatives happiness? Is acquiring wealth happiness? Or, having all these ingredients REALLY happiness? Then, Why, after possessing all of them, Even after reaching on the top; We still feel, there is something missing, Happiness is still away from us. ‘Like water in the desert’ Always an Illusion Since grownup, I am running, running AND running. – In a marathon race And happiness is still beyond my reach… What is Happiness? A shadow! An un-possess-able Shadow!!

Let’s think… Why are our desires endless? Because, We always desire for have-nots But Never realize what we have got. AND this thirst always goes on, till the end of our life. It over burns us It over stresses us AND takes our happiness away. It is our greed to acquire everything which takes away, what we already have. Why? Why I always compare myself with others and get wild Why can’t I tolerate their successes? Why do I always want to pull them down to get equal? And in this process loose MY happiness. My comparison goes on and on, with enemies, friends, relatives, brothers, family, infect with everybody. Basically I am self centered and narrow minded. But still I am singing the same song, ‘happiness is a shadow; an un-possess-able shadow.’

Is happiness brittle? So brittle! Like a house of glass That Somebody throws a small stone at it and my house is gone. Why does happiness come only for a few moments? Like a fainted ray of light in a deep dark endless tunnel. Why? Because, I myself closed the doors of my tunnel. No matter, how many efforts I am making, without opening these doors, I can never see the light of happiness. And there is continuous bright sunshine outside my tunnel. “Whenever I concentrate on acquiring happiness, it always slips away from me And Whenever I make efforts in giving happiness to others, doors of my deep and dark tunnel open and bright and shinning light of happiness fills in. ” Happiness is the only wealth which multiplies by dividing it.” Happiness is a shadow!

Let’s think again…. Why do I find myself in these conditions? Because I try and balance my happiness with money. Is happiness a commodity to trade on? No, it is not. Happiness! We search for it outside in materialistic word; whereas, it always lives in our within. “Neither wealth, nor status and nor any force can help in acquiring happiness; It is a feeling of my mind which comes with a sense of satisfaction” Can I reach this level of satisfaction? Yes When I get enlightened that attachment to materialistic word is the root cause of my dis-satisfaction. And attachment, condition less attachment to God is the root to happiness.

Realizing ‘we are simply users and not owners of what we possess’ is the key to happiness. Happiness is not momental, it is permanent and possess-able when it is shadow of god

Happiness is shadow of God.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rajesh Chowdhry