Happiness found in the Soul and Self

Today, we all struggle through the cutthroat competitors to find success and happiness. We strive to sharpen our minds so to match our competitors’ abilities to succeed. Let’s face it; we are all in a race that is leading the vast majority to the broad and spacious highway of destruction.

The race for riches often leads many people to face challenging consequences they dread later. Instead, of seeking gold we must work toward building our person in order to survive the up and coming. By focusing on doing what is right, the rest of your human necessities will fall in place.

Any of us can achieve any level in the material world, yet few people can discover the soul and self, which brings true happiness.

The soul and self plays a germane role in awaken our thoughts and actions. When the mind is awake, it has the capacity to control his actions, since it allots you to recognize wrong and insubordinations. Wrongness and insubordination only leads to major chaos. We often face consequences from our actions and choices, which many times people see the consequences as unfair. The fact is the most of us get what we deserve. If you mishandle the soul and self, it will only lead to fatal blows.

Still, others play a large part in the outcomes of our future. Despite that the vast majority of people will deny this fact, it is evidently clear. For example, think of the many times that we have heard the “death-dealing” powers manipulate us with their fabrications or lies and untruthful testimonies, which has lead to our damnation, or where we are now. In fact, we see this going on in some religious sects. Think about the eras whereas religious leaders lead many astray by killing their own brothers. We should love our neighbor, as our self is nowhere to be seen in this picture. While you may think it doesn’t affect you, the evidence has proven over the years that it in fact has affected many. Many people have been persuaded to do what is wrong.

Many people fail to realize that earning worldly pleasures is not the way to finding the soul and self. Instead of seeking materials, we must retrain the heart and mind to seek answers that help us to find the truths. We need to adapt to directional learning, teaching self to do what is right. We must accept our conscious when it tells us that something is wrong. You may not see this conscious, but it exists and it tells you each day, which course to take.

One of the largest problems that have set humankind back is seen in man’s will to strive for materials and the evident facts that people are prone to lies to gain that material. The entire human race has faced much heartache because of lies and selfishness. Thus, we must seek truth and abandon any selfish traits to discover the soul and self.

We all have to struggle to find our happiness. Happiness rests inside us, rather than in materials. Seek and you shall find the true self.

You do this by self-analyzing often, examining your behaviors, thoughts, and so forth. Meditation and subliminal learning are two of the best solutions to retrain us to rely on self.

Conduct is taught to every child right from adolescence to make him a well behaved in the future. Still, many teachings we learn are sometimes wrong. Depend on you and study daily to learn something new. Let self-education become your guide to find self and soul.