Happiness Begins On The Inside

Are you looking for happiness? Have you been searching for this happiness and wondering where it is? If you have been looking for happiness outside, you will be shocked! Join me as we take a look at real happiness.

Happiness begins on the inside! So many people search outside. Some say it will be happiness when they become a millionaire, find there soul mate, go on vacation, etc, however the truth is that it starts on the inside.

Words such as boredom and sadness are things that we have done to ourselves. Groveling, negative thoughts can only do one thing – lead down, and the further down you go, leads you in a spiral which finds you face to face with death well before your time!

People don’t like to hear these things, and most will sit comfortably blaming things outside, such as blaming money, etc.

To find happiness, is to first want it. Begin to want it, taste it, and desire it. Though most will from that point look outside, the key is to look inside.

What can you be happy with on the inside, your health? Look at your body, do you love your eyes, your smile, your voice. Say something funny. Make noises like a kid – laa laaa laaa.

Such practices are often done by children and it shows why they are happy most of the time. It is the innocence of finding the perfection of ourselves or more aptly being ignorant to the things that most people dwell on and cause unhappiness.

Do you want happiness? It begins with the noises! It begins with your thoughts and who you are. Be happy and proud of yourself, you likely have gone through a lot of things that you can be fully happy for.

This is what makes happiness happen. Take time, and make a noise. I might be listening!

Now look around you. Find something to be happy about. In my case I have a picture of me and my most important special person in the world.

Now look at past memories. Look at all you have done in the past. The good times, and funny times. Feel the emotions and get excited, get happy.

Go for a walk. Take your mind off things. Look around you and look at other peoples lives. See people walking there dogs, and wonder about all these people you see, and what there day may be like, the good times they have.

Doing this opens many doors that previously seemed closed. Go for a walk through a different road, one that you have not been through.

This works better for adventure seekers. The truth is that this opens new opportunities.

Find a hobby, and start doing it. Watch as you improve and get better. See the satisfaction for that. This is a recipe which is so essential to find happiness.