Handling Ulcers Using Natural Resources

Just recently I had the good luck of listening to a wonderful presentation by a wonderful NSP speaker, Kay Lubecke, B.S., M.S, on the topic of Digestive Dilemas, which included some very enlightening development of knowledge on stomach ulcersand Helicobacter Pylori. I have provided an audio along with the presentation notes/slides for those interested in listening to this great information. I’ve also added a brief summary of my personal notes I took, for those interested in the summaryof this presentation. In either case I encourage you to use these resources as development of knowledgethat will empower your precious health and wellness.

Use your mouse and press here to access the notes that go along with the audio

stomach ulcers are not pleasant For those interested in the summary, here are some quick points that may be of help to you.

First here are Before anything else very interesting facts:

* Leaky gut occurs when the digestive system’s protective layer has been breached and the acid creates punctures in the system, thus allowing food and other undigested matter to go into our system.

* The stomach environment should be acidic.
* The bowel environment should be acidic.

* Craving of high protein may be from body not assimilating.
causing poor digestion can cause ulcers.
| * Continous use of aspirin & non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs can impact the occurence of ulcers.}
* Helicobacter Pylori is believed to cause over 85% of ulcer cases.

Here is a resource that was provided by Ms. Kay Lubecke to support those suffering from H. Plylori. The idea is to first kill off the unwanted bacteria, then focus on repairing the stomach and intestinal lining, also minimize/eliminate any pain, and finally prevent future infection. Here are your tools:

* Healing stomach ulcers and Helicobacter Pylori Naturally by understanding the digestive system Gastro Health (specific for Helicobacter Pylori) – follow directions on the container for 1st month, 2 & 3rd, modify to drop bedtime dosage (evening is in tea). 3 bottles first month & two bottles next months 3-6 months.
* Intestinal soothe & build for repairing mucosal lining of the digestive system. 2 per meal.
* Add Aloe vera – Natural sources of sodium.
* Stomach comfort can help greatly with digestive discomfort and pain. Not recommended to take this long term. If you need to take antacids, you likely have H.Pylori. One of the benefits of this product is that it is aluminum free.
* PDA & food enzymes will inhibit the growth of this bacteria. If you have pain adding this product, you haven’t healed the stomach lining enough. Wait a couple of weeks and continue using Intestinal soothe & build.
* Silver Shield – Spray or put silver shield on items that come in contact with your mouth to eliminate re-infection. You may consider using Xylibrite tootpaste.
* How long will it take? Keep going until it is gone. Minimum of 3 months. Commit to doing it for up to 6 months.
* Ideally you should be able to eat without gas, bloating, or bad breath.

There is so much more wonderful information that was provided, but I wanted to keep this article reasonably short, so that it could be useful to you. Also, keeping things simple may aid you in actually taking action and support your precious health. I stimulate you to take the time to listen to the audio and take some of your own notes, it will be well worth your time. Thanks for reading.