Halitosis – how to self-medicate

It’s not much fun having halitosis, but think about it. At least you have a highly curable condition. Once you have named your condition, with the help of some candid colleagues or family, all you have to do is eat the right foods and take care of your gums and teeth and it just won’t bother you or the rest of your world again. And isn’t that a nice thought!

It’s a better one than worrying too much about how to go about preventing halitosis. After all, for you it is too late to go about preventing this bout of halitosis, although you can prevent the next bout of halitosis if you take the following (medical and friendly) advice.

How to self-medicate

Halitosis medication is fairly mundane. It isn’t a condition that needs injections, operations, acupuncture, therapy or any other serious interventions into the interaction between your body and your oral cavity. With halitosis, the only halitosis medication you need, apart from a good dose of gum health supplements, is a good toothbrush and toothpaste, plenty of chewing gum, and a fixed distance between you and your colleagues while you are still in the process of curing your halitosis. Improved oral hygiene and treatment of underlying infections may be effective in some cases. Mouthwashes might help to control oral bacteria. Persistent halitosis requires professional dental care.

Going beneath the surface

However, if you just go in for treating the immediate problem of halitosis, you are not medicating for halitosis and beyond. And with mouth problems, it’s normally the ‘beyond’ part that makes all the difference. Think about it in relation to teeth: if you took your tooth as the crux of your fanglike power, you would be underestimating the iceberg of a tooth that is below the surface of your gums. And that is what happens with halitosis too. As Dr Balch says, ‘you need powerful remedial components for the treatment of Halitosis to target known secondary causes as well as the essentials to maintain optimal oral health. General resistance to infection is promoted with antioxidants and digestion is addressed with friendly bacteria.’

Long term efforts work out

Curing halitosis, just like medicating it, is best approached the longterm way. Through correcting your diet, fixing yourself up with the right teeth-washer (coming in at less than a dishwasher, believe me), and learning to carry a wad of chewing gum about you if you can’t keep away from that smelly garlic or Chinese chives dumpling, you will be armed for any bout of halitosis that might be around the corner. With any luck, you will have cured your halitosis just by eating well.