Hairstyles That Match Your Face

If you’ve ever noticed that some haircuts look awesome on certain people, but awful on others, you’ve run into the face factor. Yup, the face factor. This is where shape of the face comes into play in making one style a serious hit and another a major flop.

In hairstyling, the rule of thumb is to create looks that compliment the face and make it and the hair both look awesome. While two people may have very similar hair types, leading some to believe the same cut would look great on both, if the facial shapes are dissimilar, the look might flop on one of the two.

In general, there are certain cuts that look good on different facial types. It’s a good rule of thumb to consider facial shape before choosing a new look. Here are some of the basic facial shapes, but keep in mind not all people fall neatly into one class or another:

Round faces tend to look bad with a lot of hair in the face. Fringes and bangs are great and a part can be wonderful, but if all the hair curls in toward the face, it makes that rounded appearance seem even rounder. Even if the face isn’t “chubby,” the roundness being accentuated will make the person appear heavier than they are.

Square faces tend to do very well with a side part and some layering. Go for a soft style to off set that chiseled look and you’ll be set. Different styles can be experimented with, but remember the more blunt the cut, the more likely it is to make the square shape stand out even more.

Oval faces are perfect for just about any style going. When symmetry is present, the look can be even better.

Long faces tend to look awful with short cuts. These just make the long face look even longer. Layers around the face are good, but short, short is a no no here.

In a perfect world, people would all fall into one of the above categories, but since this isn’t a perfect world, people don’t. Sometimes folks have combination faces that require a more careful approach.

If you’re unsure what type of style would work best with your facial type, try styles on for size. Use a computer program to see what different styles would look like or even try on wigs with similar stylings to give you a very good idea before jumping into a new cut. The beauty about hair is that bad hairstyles go away in time, but it’s no fun living with a bad cut in the meantime.