Hair Straightening Risks

Hair is both fragile and strong. Though many people would probably like to think like it has an infinite plasticity that never wears out. In reality your hair can only take so much of styling and reshaping. Each type of hair is genetically determined to feel, look, and manage differently. For years African Americans went to extreme measures within American culture to alter what was part of their natural look. However, hair straightening remains something in the world that people do because they love straight hair and find it to be more manageable. Straightening works by a breaking down of bonds which make hair strong and curly. This may cause damage sooner than later to your hair. Since hair straightening is always risky business, through trial and error people have come up with some advisable tips that will make you far less likely to run into problems.

A hair straightener should not be used everyday because it may damage hair or make it become dry and brittle. Some people may use a hair straightener everyday, but they must use caution by using conditioners and other products to slow down the heat damage.

The use of oils and special topical products can help protect your hair from drying out. The drying out effect is caused by the extreme temperatures you are exposing to your hair while straightening it. The products can be found at almost any drugstore or salon of your choice. A hair stylist may be able to find something that is suited for your hair type.

Make sure you never straighten your hair immediately after any other use of chemicals or heat. The chemicals that color hair are also very harsh. If you are looking to straighten your hair chemically, then a minimum of two weeks should pass before attempting to place any color on your hair.

Just remember, you are allowing a very strong process to change the nature of your hair from the inside out. It cannot be immediately reversed and it requires a healthy head of hair in the beginning. This type of style change can be rather drastic for those with extremely curly hair, so remember that your curly locks will not come back right away. It could permanently change the structure and texture of your hair, so use a chemical straightener with caution. If in doubt, use a hair straightening with metal plates to switch up your looks in a matter of minutes without the high risk or irreparable damage.

Straightening your hair can be a risk, but luckily science has advanced it to a point where it is much safer. With that said, it is still possible to permanently damage or change your hair’s texture and structure. In the past, the risks with straightening hair involved chemical poisoning and burns. The technology and understanding behind the chemicals used on hair to straighten it has caused a break through in the fashion world as well.

Believe it or not, but relaxers and chemicals used to straighten hair as among the top in complaints filed with the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). Do not take this lightly because many people have problems straightening their hair. It is possible to burn your scalp, develop a rash, or even lose clumps of hair if it is not used appropriately. Most of the claims filed with the FDA were when they were used inappropriately or without guidance from an expert or technician.

Since there are so many risks involved straightening your hair chemically, it is best to have a salon or trained professional do this for you. Coloring hair or perming is much easier than chemically stripping hair of its form and structure. Even though your friend can color your hair, she may not be qualified enough to straighten it. Remember to keep this in mind.

To straighten your hair with must less risk involved, you can use an electric iron. This is the new way of straightening hair temporary without the risk of bald spots! Ceramic plates are viewed as the most reliable on the market. They heat up extremely quickly and distribute the heat evenly so you do not burn parts of your hair unknowingly. Only buy the best ceramic irons out there and watch out for cheap knock offs that do not perform properly.

You should only have a relaxer performed every 3 months to avoid weakening of your hair follicles and unwanted breakage. Even the healthiest hair can be damage if exposed to chemically too frequently. Give your hair time to recuperate from the harsh chemicals. It is good to apply repairing serums and topical treatments to your hair as well. A balanced diet will keep hair shiny and repair it too!

Keeping nice looking hair is important to most people in our society. Remember to take good care of it, so you may be able to style it many years to come.