Hair Straightening for Proms and Events

A wedding, a prom, a party for a friend- all special occasions that make perfect opportunities for one to change their look through hair straightening.

If you are planning on attending a special event, then using a hair straightener (either a chemical or electric straightener) can be the perfect way to have your friends and acquaintances asking, “What’s different about you?” or “You look great today!” when the date arrives.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a straightened style is what you would like to accentuate that day. For example, if you are going to a job interview, creating a straight and sleek professional look can be easily accomplished with an electric straightener in the comfort of one’s own home. This can be a great way to make a serious and businesslike profile without a lot of maintenance. Once straightened, one’s hair can even be pulled back into a subdued and clean looking ponytail or left to hang freely tucked behind the ears.

If one is headed towards a bit more exciting and personal event like a wedding, prom, or party it can be time to really have fun with hair straightening and not just let the straightened hair hang loose once completed.

One may choose to use a home-use straightener like the commonly available electric heat products, or if one’s hair is especially curly or wild, or a more lasting effect is desired, chemical treatment may be the answer. Remember however, that chemical treatments are vastly more harsh to one’s hair follicles and may over time have a cumulative effect that damages or weakens hair. While not something one should chronically worry about, it’s worth considering the risks when choosing to treat hair.

Now, once the hair is straightened for the special event it can be pulled up into a “high” hairstyle in an effort to show off one’s facial features and raise the appearance of the cheekbones and forehead. Such a look creates a dignified and important appearance. Alternatively, the straightened hair may be then selectively re-curled to create a beautiful, and fun and free look. This can including re-curling one’s bangs only, or sections of hair as well to generate a simply stylish and royal look that is great for events like high school proms, or weddings. (and don’t think you have to be the bride to experiment with hair styles, important occasions make awesome opportunities for the guests to get in on the fun too)

Whatever style or look one chooses, hair straightening is perfect for special events of all sorts.

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, most teenage girls are dreaming about their high school prom. There are so many different things you will need such as a gown, matching accessories, a perfect hairstyle and most importantly a date! Most teenagers want to do something totally different with their hair without sacrificing the trends or elegant style. Straightening your hair for prom could be the perfect hairstyle for you! Even if your hair is wavy or tightly curled, straightening your hair can be easy with the right techniques and tools.

Straightening hair has become a much easier task because of the new technology found in the heated hair straighteners. If your peers at school have only seen you with those tightly wound curls on your head, then impress them with straight locks on that special night. Even those people with the tightest curls can have straight hair for their prom. Be sure you use a hair straightener with ceramic plates, so that you get the best shine and silkiness possible. Tightly curled hair will need a straightener with the ability to reach very high temperatures.

Straight hair can look extremely flattering and elegant for your prom, so do not shun away from this hairstyle. Having straight hair does not have to be boring or lack volume and texture. If your dress is backless or has decorative gems on the back, then pull it back to allow those features to shine through. A dress with no gems or straps on the back, you may want to allow your hair down. Allowing your hair down, it may cause you problems because of it getting in your face. Try out a few styles before your big night to see what you like best. With your straightened hair, you can braid random pieces to keep it interesting and add character while showing off your new do to your friends and handsome date.

Dressing your hair with flowers and special gems can add some unique character and sparkle to your straight hairdo. Switch around your part to give your hairdo something special for your prom night. Flipping the ends in or out could also be a great way to add volume. Your local salon may be able to give you ideas on ways to dress up your straightened hairdo.

Prom is a special event for every teenage girl and having a brand new fashionable hairdo is extremely important. Impress your friends, family and date with your new straight hairstyle. As you dance and walk around with friends, you will feel elegant, sophisticated and feel like a star.