Hair Straightener Techniques

Using a hair straightener is not difficult once you understand a few basics. To get the best looking straight hair here are a few tips to help you get started. First you will need these few items to get started.

– Frizz reducing serum or spray
– Hair Dryer
– Hair Straightener of your choice
– Brush
– Hair clips to separate hair sections

Make sure you wash your hair as usual and use a condition of your liking. Lightly pat dry your hair in a towel, but do not rub the towel through your hair. This may cause damage to it. Rum some of the frizz reducing serum into your hands according to the directions on the bottle. The amount needed will depend on the length of your hair, so follow those directions carefully. If you do not like using a serum, then try using a spray that will help to tame frizz.

At this point you will need to begin drying your hair. The hair dryer should be on a medium warm setting. As you run through your hair with the dryer, brush your hair down to coerce it straight. Doing this while in the drying process will make it easier later on with the straightener. Dry your hair until it is almost completely dry. If it is slightly damp then that is fine.

At this step your hair may look untamed and have a large amount of fly-aways. Those with long hair, should section off pieces of their hair so you can focus on each individual area to achieve the best straightened hair. The most important part of straightener hair is the movement. You should always move from the top of your head to the bottom of your hair’s length. The motion should be smooth and never pause midway. Pausing may damage hair or leave marks in your hair. Run the straightener as many times as needed to get the straightness you desire. Remove the clips as you complete sections and do a once over to blend any areas that did not take properly. Once all of your hair is straightened, brush it through to make sure it is uniform.

This is the proper way of using a hair straightener without damaging or over drying your hair. If you follow these tips, then your hair will look shiny, smooth and as straight as an arrow. Impress your friends or co-workers with your new hairdo.