Hair Products for your Hair

Hair care products that that deep clean and infuse vitamins & proteins for growth, shine, & health. Reduce thinning, prevent dry and oily hair, repair damage from breakage, frizzing, coloring, sun, chemicals, stress, and overheating. Hair Products should feed the root and repair structure to prevent dry, breaking, frizzy and splitting and correct problems associated with poor nutrition or environmental factors. Most hair care and skin care products in the market use synthetic petrochemicals that are harsh and may have harmful long-term side effects on the hair and skin. Natural & herbal ingredients have been used for centuries to effectively treat various hair and skin problems.

Natural skin care products will protect you from skin-aging sun damage.They are also gentle on the hair and skin and better for the environment. For men, beauty care includes hair care products as well, so don’t overlook the hair thickening shampoo that makes thinning hair look fuller. We also have the best selection of high quality hair brushes. Care for oily hair and scalp condition is the same as used for oily skin condition. For dry hair, scalp massaging with oil is recommended. For oily hair massaging with toning lotion is suitable.Herbal extracts are proven to heal but most companies don’t use a 1/10th of what they need for hair and scalp health. Adding protein to hair relaxer is a great way to get the look you love without the drying affect that normal relaxer can have on your hair.

Hair Care Tips

1. Taking certain vitamins may be most helpful in improving the condition of your hair.

2. Use regular hair rollers, winding hair loosely around them.

3. Protect your hair with hair care products that contain sunscreen.

4. Brush your hair regularly before going to bed each night.

5. Always apply conditioner from the ears down – never condition the scalp.

6. Add iron and minerals in the natural form in your diet.

7. Avoid excessive sun, chlorine and salt water during the summer months.

8. Wash hair with tea once in a week.

9. Never use a rubber band on your hair as it can pull and damage hair considerably.

10. Avoid pulling back your hair tightly.