Hair – Maintaining your Shade

Once You’ve Colored Your Hair, you must treat it gently if you want to maintain that gorgeous shade you (or your stylist) worked so hard to create. Fortunately, color care isn’t difficult.

Preventing color from fading

Always be aware of water temperature when you wash color-treated hair. Hot water is a no-no when it comes to color-treated hair because it causes the cuticle to swell allowing pigment molecules to escape. This leads to dull, faded color. Opt for lukewarm water.

You should also avoid strong sunlight. Think back to your childhood. Do you remember how brassy – or blonde – your hair used to get in the summer? You can blame that on the sun, which has a color-bleaching effect. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are especially hard on chemically colored locks, turning treated strands brassy and causing color to fade.

Products for color-treated hair

There are products specifically designed for chemically treated hair and using these is a good way to coddle colored strands. Color-formula shampoos are less detergent-laden and more moisturizing than normal hair shampoos, while color-formula conditioners often contain more concentrated doses of emollients and may even include ingredients such as UV screens to protect against the color-fading effects of the sun.

Like color-formula products, color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners are gentle on color-treated strands. What makes them different, however, is that they contain small amounts of pigment to keep hair color looking just-from-the-salon fresh.

Color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners are available in a large range of shades. Rotate color-enhancing products with color­formula products.

Regular deep-conditioning treatments will also help to maintain your color. If you use demi-permanent, permanent, or double¬≠process color, expect your hair’s cuticle layer to get a bit roughed up. Consider a weekly, deep-conditioning treatment to add moisture and smooth bristly strands.

A leave-in conditioner not only blankets hair in all-day moisture, it protects locks against damage from sun, tangling, styling, and more.