Hair Loss

Today Hair loss is a common problem in men and women’s. Mostly it is found in aged person but nowadays it is becoming a serious issue among youth and children’s too. We also give it a name as Baldness. Hair loss is caused by various factors such as type of food, water, quality of soap and environment etc. If you have unusual hair loss and do not know causing for that, immediately take a suggestion form your doctor.

Here are some main reasons that cause hair loss:

Poor Nutrition

This is one of the common problem that cause hair loss like some people having disorder food such as bulimia and anorexia and this not able to give proper vitamins, proteins, and minerals for hair growth. So it is good to have food that provides you full supplements for growing your hair. We should maintain these supplements in our food to prevent hair loss.


Some medical may also cause hair loss like sometime we use several drugs to treat depression, high blood pressure, acne problems and heart problem. Amphetamines can also cause for hair loss which one found in diet pills.. So it is advisable to have these treatments after consulting from specialist.


This is one of the common problem among new born child and they loss their hair during the first several of months of life.


There are several diseases that cause hair loss these include lupus, Diabetes, and thyroid disorders. The imbalance in hormone that also cause hair loss in girls and women

Emotional stress and sexual frustration, depression etc are the factors for the same. A man faces a stress problem due to lake of sleep.

Tight Hats

Tight hats are also a cause for baldness. It will be happened if hats are not washed as normally as other clothing. They can also lead to scalp dirty.


During the pregnancy stage a women may loss their hairs usually 50 to 100 hairs per day. These hair are to be seen as large amount in their comb and bruches after or with in two to three months after the delivery

So these are some common cause for a hair loss problem. To avoid that problem it should be necessary that we eating a balanced means a full supplement diet and healthy diet. And style your hair when they are dry or moist.