Hair Loss Remedies You Need to Know About

Almost everyone will experience hair loss, hair thinning, or balding. It’s a mistake to think that heredity is the main cause of all this hair loss. There are many conditions and situations that can cause you to shed some of your hair.

The first thing you need to understand is that your hair loss is a reflection of your overall health. Your hair health is dependent on what in your blood and on your artery and capillary health; it all start with what you eat. The food that you eat makes up the composition of your blood. Eating saturated fats, Tran fatty acid, processed flour, package good, and foods in cans can overload the blood with toxins, fats, sugar, salt, and unknown substance.

All of the toxins and substances in the blood affect the artery walls leading to cardiovascular issues. They affect the liver and kidney by causing them to clogged and become inefficient. And, eventually poor blood circulation and insufficient blood nutrients fail to provide the scalp cells with the food and waste disposal it needs.

You have heard it before, eat right and exercise. If you want to keep the hair you have right now then eat right and exercise is a start. There are a lot of details that go into these lifestyle patterns. But there are other hair loss remedies that you should first know about.

When you want to stop hair lost or hair thinning the first thing you need to do is to get you internal body working the way that it should. Aside from eating right and exercising, you need to be aware of the liquid around your cells – lymph liquid. It is this liquid that will determine the level of health you have and the health of your hair.

You need to learn how to keep the lymph moving from around the cells into the lymph vessels, to the lymph nodes, and back into the blood. Lymph has the duty to collect all sorts of waste, bacteria, and toxins which may be excreted from your cells and neutralize in the lymph nodes. But there is one other nutrient that should not be in your lymph and this nutrient can suffocate and kill your body cells. Not many people are telling you about this, but you need to know about Blood Plasma Protein.

Blood Plasma Protein belongs in the blood, but can creep out of the capillaries when you eat unhealthy food or are under stress or are upset. There in the lymph, it attracts water and downs your cells causing the cell battery across the cell membranes to diminish. So what do this have to do with hair loss?

When there is too much lymph surrounding your cells, they their electronic charge across the cell membrane decreases reducing the waste that comes out and the nutrients that go in. You feel run down, tired, and without energy. Your hair does not get the nutrients it need because your body does not have the energy transport them up to your head.

Here some hair loss remedies that deal with excess blood plasma protein in the lymph. These hair loss remedies are designed to get your lymph moving so that the blood protein moves out through the lymph vessels and back into the blood where it belongs.

These hair loss remedies are massages and breathe. Tap your collar bone beneath your chin 20-30 time daily with your fist and move your fist across from one side to the other. This vibration helps to move lymph liquid and activates your thymus gland for better immunity.

Here’s another hair loss remedy. With oil or soap massage your colon area with your fingers moving in one stroke on the right side up the ascending colon, across the colon, and down the descending colon. This helps to move lymph around to get rid of blood protein in the lymph.

Do these two hair loss remedies daily, in the shower or with oil, it only take a few minute and you will begin to see how much better you feel and your hair will appreciate it.