Hair Loss Products

Watching TV or reading a magazine, you cannot fail to have noticed all the hair loss products that are available. Each of the manufacturers make the claim that their product is the best for preventing hair loss or treating it. But with all the marketing blurb, they can make it difficult to separate the claims from the reality.

The general common claim that all hair loss products make is that they will stop your hair loss as well as promoting new hair growth. If you use the product, your hair will grow back so making you look younger, with the results being visible within a short time period.

But do these products actually work? There are two drugs approved by the FDA which are contained within most hair loss products that can promote healthy hair growth – Rogaine and Propecia. Although you have to bear in mind if your hair loss is due to your body stopping producing hair, these products are highly unlikely to help. The only options open to you in this case may be to go for something like a hair implant.

If one of these two drugs are listed as an ingredient on the hair loss product, there is a good chance that you will see some benefit. However, this does depend on what the main cause for your hair loss is. If for example the cause is medically related such as an enlarged thyroid, or is a result of other medication that you are taking, then there is a low chance that these hair loss products will work for you. Or if they do work, the effect may be very temporary.

If you are thinking about trying one of the many hair loss products on the market, I would suggest taking some time out first to do some research about the clinical trials that have taken place. Then you will be aware, amongst other things, about the side effects these products can have.

In addition, whilst hair loss products help a lot of people, there are always some that they don’t help. If you are experiencing hair loss, I would recommend first visiting your doctor to identify what is causing your hair loss. If it can be traced back to something as simple as a poor diet, or a medical condition needing simple treatment, then your hair should grow back on it’s own, without the help of what can be expensive hair loss products.