Hair Loss Prevention

Most of us, if not all of us take pride in our hair. We visit the hairdressers regularly and spend time on a daily basis styling it to reflect our own image. So the thought of hair loss is something that we don’t think about until it happens to us. However, hair loss prevention should be something that we do think about in order to ensure that we are looking after our hair, and not just thinking that we are looking after it.

Hair loss prevention should form an important part of our daily routines in order to ensure that we are doing our best for our hair. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are simple things that you can do that don’t take much time.

For women in particular, you should take note of how you style your hair. If you are tying your hair back tightly into the same style every day, this can place extra stress on your hair, weakening it. As a result, it is more likely to break sooner that it should. So try varying your hairstyle and wear your hair loose occasionally.

Ensuring that you follow a good, balanced diet can also help prevent hair loss. Make sure you drink lots of water and include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dairy products. That way you know that your body is getting the correct amounts of the vitamins in needs to grow strong, healthy hair.

A clean scalp is also important for hair loss prevention. Using a mild shampoo on a regular basis to clean away extra proteins from your scalp helps keep your hair healthy. If as you shampoo you also give yourself a light scalp massage, this will help boost the circulation to your hair follicles, strengthening them and keeping them healthy.

If you have a tendency to dry, brittle hair, using a conditioner is no doubt an important part of your routine. Though you should ensure that you wash all traces of it out before you dry your hair, as any excess conditioner left behind can potentially be a contributory hair loss factor.

Even if you follow these hair loss prevention tips, hair loss is a natural part of life, with the body shedding hair in order to replace it with new, young growth. Furthermore, whilst these tips can help prevent hair loss, if there is a medical condition causing your hair loss, then you will need to seek help from a professional in order to take further preventative measures.