Hair Do’s and Dont’s

Hair coloring is an excellent and almost safest way to change your manifestance and therefore to change the other persons attitude. Temporary colorants can give your hair new look and color but not for a long time. It is made by putting a thin or slim layer of a colorant on your hair. The effect of such action is not very harmful. The better result you can achieve when the hair is light colored. Most vivid are temporary colorants of red and blue color spectrum. Lightening means are used for slight (3-5 levels and more) dark hair discoloring before using the lightest colorants. They really ruin your natural hair structure. After the use you should wash your head with special emollient shampoos and balms or some kind of intensive hair cure means.

When using temporary and semi-permanent colorants you do not start from your roots but place it all over your head at a time. After that the hair must be kept warm and covered with some kind of polyethylene cap. If the coloration process is serious and you have used permanent colorants you ought to proceed with balms and rinses. If your skin is covered with freckles you should not experiment with deep blonde or brunette colors. It gives the best fit only to young girls with clean skin. It is very important to keep the right combination of the skin shade, eye and hair color. If the skin has color of a peach the cold shades make your skin look pale. The shades honey blonde, deep chocolate,ginger, rusted deep-brown are the ones you should try.

When the summer weather protect your hair sun and water damage. To maintain healthy locks, it’s essential to develop a daily hair-care routine. The best way to protect your mane from this type of harm is to simply keep it out of the water by wearing a swimming cap or keeping it up in a ponytail. Cut down on the use of the blow dryer. Leave hair damp and allow it to air-dry on the way to work, or opt for an updo to keep cool in the summer heat. Skip the flat or curling iron altogether whenever possible. Always apply conditioner on your hair after a wash, but try to avoid applying it to the root or shaft as it will weigh hair down and make it dirty. Taking advantage of vacation time, or time spent hanging out by the pool to use a leave-in conditioner.