Hair care tips

Nourishment of your hair with the aid of a number of hair care products can be futile if you do not take proper measures along with it. Generally, more women have long hair and hence they need to take proper measures to maintain it. To maintain your hair some of the following hair care tips can be useful.

1.Stay away from use of excessive hair colours, perms, chemical or relaxers, which may be harmful to your hair.

2.While washing hair with shampoo do not resort to aggressive scrubbing and use a conditioner to revive the lost glitter in your hair.

3After washing your hair do not keep it wrapped with a towel.

4.Do not wash hair with very cold or very hot water. Use mild warm or water of normal temperature else the water can damage your hair.

5.Though brushing of hair while it is wet should be avoided you can comb with the help of a wide-tooth comb if you really need to.

6.Trimming your hair is another method through which you can keep your hair healthy and scalp free from dandruff.

7.Use vitamin supplements like vitamin A, B, C and E in your diet so as to keep your diet balanced. Iron and mineral rich food contents should also be taken to supplement these vitamins.

8.Take an umbrella or wrap your hair with some scarf when you are to get out in sunshine.

9.Avoid those hair styles, which requires you to pull your hair too tightly as the pull can damage your hair.

10.A slight massage of your hair everyday is a good habit so that circulation of the blood takes place near the scalp.

11.If you blow-dry your hair stop doing it from today and resort to air drying as hot air can damage your hair.

12.Before going to bed at least comb your hair so that it get free from entanglement, which might have taken place in the course of the day.

These hair care tips are general in nature and are just basic tips on how to manage you hair. You can also seek hair care tips from hair care experts, dermatologists or by joining some online forum. These hair care tips are not only for those individuals who are suffering from hair loss, grey hair or some other kind of hair problems but the tips can also be followed by other individuals.