Guided Imagery: Learn How to Comunicate with Your Mind the Right Way

Guided Imagery can often provide considerable healing benefits by using the mind to affect the body.

The brain uses images and other senses such as smell and hearing to communicate with other organs.

What can Guided Imagery do for you?

*Heal Yourself & Gain Better Health
*Reduce Stress & Anxiety
*Sports Enhancement
*Leadership and Self Confidence
*Reduce High Blood Pressure
*Lower Cholesterol
*Boost Immunity
*Weight Loss
*Reduce Pain

Just imagine what else is possible with Guided Imagery.

Guided Imagery can help you heal, ease pain and even speed recovery. It’s quite remarkable how you can use the power of your mind to heal yourself. Guided Imagery works by the mind visualizing images, sounds, smells, pain or whatever.

By using images you are using the minds language. The brain understands these images and uses them to communicate with your body.

You could say “Cut, I want you to heal”, but you should imagine your wound actually healing by visualizing it. Watch it starting to shrink, as it heals until it’s completely gone in your mind. This is what the brain can understand.

You may want to become aware of other images you have at times that aren’t in your best interest. When you have realized this, be sure to replace these with positive images.

Your thoughts have an influence on how you feel and heal. Try your best to eliminate negative thoughts. Staying positive brings on even more meaning when you understand how your mind works.

Imagery has been use in ancient civilization and has been understood for ages by many. Now you too can benefit from this knowledge.

Athletes today use Guided Imagery to enhance their performance, stamina and accuracy. In billiards, before you actually shoot a ball, visualize it going where you want it to. Your brain will genuinely believe it, and your shot will improve.

See it, feel it and experience it before you do it. That’s the power of Guided Imagery or visualization.

So if you want better health, less stress and anxiety or the desire to improve your quality of life then you owe it to yourself to learn more about Guided Imagery.

Besides the health benefits you can vastly improve your leadership ability, job performance and mental attitude, all of which will let you enjoy a better lifestyle.

Hopefully I perked your curiosity enough for you to explore this further. For starters, search the World Wide Web for information on Guided Imagery.