Guide to Quick Website Listings in the Search Engines

In this article we will talk about the safest and quickest method to be listed in the search engines.

Lets start by asking the question; “What are the search engines looking for?” Well the obvious and correct answer is Unique Conent. That is the main thing the search engines are looking for. All the fancy algorithms are designed to make sure that they can offer there customers (the web browser) the most relevant content to there search.

The second thing that they look at is if your site is an authority site on the topic. If you have these two things down your site is going to be listed high.

This method to get your site listed will present a way to get the search engines just what they love unique content and to show that you have a site that is an authority on the subject.

For the search engines to look at you as an expert on your topic you will need to have other authoriy sites linking back to you. All other sites linking back to you will help increase your sites listing but the expert sites linking back will give you more rank.

These are the things we now know we need:

1. Good Content.
2. Be an expert on our topic.

Now all we have to do is put this on our site, How?

One of the best ways to do this is using Article Marketing. Creating Articles gets us great content and submitting our article to hundreds of article sites gets us the links to show we are an authority on the subject.

With Article Marketing you can not put any links to your site within the body of the article. They do allow you to put a resource or bio for your articles. In this box you will put something about yourself let your audience know you are a authority on the subject and then link back to your site.

For example if you have a site that talks about horse training then you might put in your bio, “John Doe has been training horses for the last 20 years. His site horse training tips is loaded with training tips for your horse.”

In the bio you will want to link horse training tips back to your site. With this you are now known as an authorty on the subject of horse training and you see how it draws the customer back to your site.

Writing is just not your cup of tea? Outsource your work. There are many freelance sites that you can have the work done for a fair price.

Submitting to hundreds of sites may seem to be a daunting task. There are great software programs to help us in this area.

So now that we have our articles submitted to the article sites the magic begins to happen. When you submit your article to the article submission sites you give them permission to allow others to use your article on their site. The caveat is that they must use your article as is and include your bio (resource box).

So within days your article will begin to spread to many sites. Some of these sites already known as authority sites by the search engines and you have know gained valuable links back to your site.

When the search engines find your articles linking back you will get spidered and that is when you will get listed. After you get spread to many other sites your listing will climb.

So this is how to get listed quickly. If you use this method your site will hold its listing longer as it is being done the way the search engines would like to see it. With great content and your site becoming an authority site.

If you read this and do nothing you will still be waiting to get listed so take some time now and put this to work.

To your success,

Glen Barnhardt