Guide to Organizing Closets – How to Manage All That Clutter

Is your closet in such disordered condition that you’re always wasting time in finding important stuff? Are you frustrated with all that clutter? To save yourself from the hassles of finding lost things, you need a guide to organizing closets. It is time to move on from utter chaos to an organized state, and getting a guide to organizing closets would definitely help you save time and make you feel that you are in control.

If you are a pack rat and would like to keep your closets’ contents, this guide to organizing closets will show you how to choose which to throw, which to keep, and what to do when you decide to throw them out.

Guide to Organizing Closets: The Plan

Empty your closets. Take out everything that makes things cluttered. Take out everything, period. Put them all in a pile in a wide space where you can organize everything.

If you’re organizing a clothes closet, group your clothes by color and type. Just pile them there. If you’re doing accessories, sort them out by kind too. Then leave them there while you go to the next step.

Get yourself some racks and organizing trays to hold all your stuff in. Then put the items you have arranged in these trays and racks.

When you put your stuffs back in the closet, do it in an orderly way; you have to put them in by kind. You have to make sure that things are not as they were before. The clothes go on the rack, arranged by kind and color; the knick-knacks go on the trays, and everything else should be arranged by color and kind.

Whenever you take something out, put it back where you got it. Have the discipline to keep things arranged as they are. And do a maintenance cleanup weekly, so things don’t fall into disarray like before.

Guide to Organizing Closets: To throw or not to throw? That is the question.

Some people toss everything out when they clean up. When they realize that they actually need an item, they realize that they have already thrown them out. You do not need to be a victim of “oh-I-threw-it-out!-itis”. You just have to be wise and careful with your sorting. You also have to think about the importance of the thing you are considering throwing. Below are some questions you may want to ask yourself, in sorting out which to throw or keep:

 Is it still important to you?

 Is it still usable?

 Do you want it?

 Does it have sentimental value?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above 4 questions, then keep it.

 Was it from an ex?

 Does it carry bad memories?

 Is it ugly?

 Do you abhor it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above 4 questions, then toss it!

It is important to throw out items tied with bad memories. You have to move on too, and not to mention your goal of cleaning out your closet. It’s a win-win situation. You get to toss out bad memory reminders (this is actually symbolic), and you’ll have less clutter to cram your closet with at the same time.

All in all, organizing anything could be a pain. But going through all your stuff and reliving memories could be part of the process that would make closet cleanup a happy event. Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to organizing closets!