Guide to Miis on the Nintendo Wii

One of the fun features of the Nintendo Wii is the Mii channel where you can create fun 3D caricature forms of yourself and your friends. Your Mii’s will find their way into various games like Wii Sports, Wii Play, and WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Mii’s can also travel between Wii consoles so new Mii’s from your friend’s consoles will appear on your Wii. With a little imagination and creativity any imaginable person (and even some non-people) can be made using the Mii Channel.

Making a Mii is easy and allows for endless creativity. The basic Mi starts with generic features that you can customize. You can select from a variety of hair styles, eyes, noses, eyebrows, mouths, glasses and other distinguishing features. Not only can you add features that look similar to your own, but you can make all the features larger and smaller, adjust angles and styles to get the perfect likeness. You can get creative by using beauty marks as cleft chins or piercing, you can use eyebrows and glasses to fashion crowns, or even give your Mii elfin ears. The design possibilities of a Mii are endless and with a little creativity you can create everyone you know and some other interesting characters. You can give your Mii’s different color shirts and name them after their real life counterparts.

What is more fun than creating your Mii on the Nintendo Wii is playing games with them. Mii’s show up is a few games like Wii sports, Wii Play, and WarioWare: Smooth Moves. You can play a variety of sports with your Mii’s like bowling, boxing, tennis, and golf. Your friend’s Mii’s can also sit on the sidelines in the game and cheer you on or make up a whole team in games like baseball. Your Mii’s can compete in arm wrestling and star in other games like Find a Mii. Seeing your likeness on the screen is fun and adds a new dimension to playing with friends.

Mii’s not only live on your Wii console but they can travel to and from Wii console’s as well. If your Wii is connected to the internet and you have friends with Wii consoles that are connected to yours your Mii’s can travel via the Mii parade. You can select which Mii’s you want to mingle and they will automatically find their way to your friends console and you will find new Mii’s on yours. Or you can select specific Mii’s to send to your friends if you wish. Mii’s can also be stored on the Wii remote, up to ten at a time, and transported that way to other Wii consoles. Mii’s are very portable and sharing them with friends is half the fun.

The Nintendo Wii has experienced great success because of its innovative features. The Mii channel is one of the most entertaining features and gets literally gets players into the game. The ability to get players in the game by creating Mii’s is one reason the Wii is so popular and such a hit with a diverse demographic.