Guess What Happened Today?

Have you ever asked someone, “How was your day?” Did you ever get the response, “Oh, just another day, nothing really happened today.” Hmmm…Nothing happened today?

Let’s back up for just a moment. Are we under the impression that it would be very unusual if something really wonderful happens today? By that I mean, are 99.9% of all our days just normal, ordinary days, with nothing happening, and then once in a blue moon we have a spectacular day?

If that is how we think, then our expectation for having a spectacular day is pretty low, isn’t it? We are not expecting our days to be spectacular; we don’t anticipate wonderful things, because we rarely see them.

With that kind of thinking, we would call most days “ordinary,” or just regular old days. We’re grateful to be alive; we’re endeavoring to enjoy the day and live it to the fullest. But, when all is said and done, nothing really happened.

Nothing really happened?

How do you know that nothing happened today? Do you have some sort of special “behind all the scenes” vision? Can you see and determine everything that might have been set in motion for your life today? How do you know nothing happened today?

Do you have a computer program that tracks your impact on people’s lives? More than likely you came into contact with someone today, either in person, on the phone, or email. Do you know what kind of an impact you had on their life? Do you know if there was something that you might have said or done that will change their life forever?

Nothing happened today?

Did you pray for someone today? Do you have a special monitor somewhere that can show you the total effects of that prayer?

Was your brain active at all today? Were you mentally working on something; were you evaluating and learning?

Did you eat something healthy for your body? Did you do any exercise? Did you get to relax a little?

Nothing happened today?

On the contrary, plenty of things happened today, as they do every day! That’s why we ought to enjoy living life to it’s fullest each and every day.

Yesterday is gone. If we get to live another day tomorrow, it’s not here yet. We only have today, right now to live.

Today is our day to live life to the fullest! We can rejoice and be glad because we are alive! There are infinite possibilities available to us today, just because we are alive!

How many people wake up every morning and are far from rejoicing about another day? Too many people see each day as just another day to try and exist in this hard and difficult life. It’s another day in the rat race. Their whole goal is to just try and make it through. That’s not living, that’s existing!

Each morning when you wake up, the promises of God for you are brand new. They are all intact. You are a child of the Creator of the heavens and the earth! You are loved by God unconditionally! He never made a failure and He designed you for success! And even if you make a boatload of mistakes all day long, you are still loved and you still have endless possibilities!”

It is true! Each morning when you wake up there are endless possibilities. This could be the greatest day of your life so far! Well, why not? Would you regret it or object if it was?

When you see what appears to be just a regular old day passing by, remind yourself that a lot is happening everyday!

You never know how much of a difference in someone’s life a kind word or caring gesture might make! You never know how much of an impact what you do has on the bigger picture of your life, your family, your workplace and your community.

So, go through each day with the anticipation and expectation that this will be a spectacular day!