G’s & Y’s in Graphology

Graphology is a science which uses handwriting to analyze personality traits and character. The bases for this is that the human subconscious expresses itself through various means. Some use art while others music etc. Handwriting is the most common interface people use to express their subconscious but very few people are aware of this.

   Of particular interest to me has been how graphology can be used to determine about one’s personality just by looking at the way they write there y’s and g’s. Here is a small exercise:

Take a piece of paper and write "graphology" on it. Now focus on your y’s and g’s written in "graphology".

  Socially Selective – Graphology tells us that long, narrow loops in y’s and g’s point towards socially selective. Therefore people who write their y’s and g’s in this fashion are selective in their company-Not as easy going as their friends with wider looped y’s and g’s.

  Physical Frustration- If one writes with incomplete lower loops it is a sign of frustrations and yes we are talking about physical frustration.

  Likes Variety- Long, wide lower loops extending deep into the lower zone shows that the writer likes variety and has strong physical drives. This is exactly contrary to long, narrow loops who are selective and careful.

  Jealousy- Interestingly one can determine jealousy using graphology. The tight beginning loop (almost square) always gives this away.

  Imagination- Large, wide loops reflect strong physical imagination and a tendency to exaggerate and imagine. Please not this is different from long, wide loops which reflects physical drive.

  Fear of success- Down turned loop of "y" or "g" which does not cross the baseline is evident of fear of success. This is like an incomplete loop and reflects inner fear.

 Antisocial- This is evident when the lower loops of "g’s" and "y’s" are retraced completely. What this means is that they are retraced onto their loop.

 Aggressiveness- Graphology tells us that hard right upstrokes shows aggressiveness. People like these need competitive sports and even violence as outlets.

  A lot more can be told from Graphology if one can take out some time to learn the art. Indeed it an excellent tool to understand people, relationships. It is because of its strengths that it is used in forensic sciences as well. The above exercise helps one gain insight into graphology. The examples given are just the tip of the iceberg. The art of graphology requires one to practice and experiment before one can claim authority on it.