Growth Hormone: Grow Your Own!

Earl Nightingale said that the best things in life are free. Things, such as houses, cars, and “toys”can be replaced. Health, love, family, our mind, and air, to name a few things, are priceless, but come to us free. There is another aspect of achieving superior health that I am going to address today that is also free, because it is sitting right in our bodies. You can pay for it at the health food store, but it is also sitting in your body, waiting for you to trigger the release of it. I am talking about growth hormone.

Now many who are trying to sell you a product, will tell you that you will have more energy, increased skin elasticity, an increased in bone mass and density, lowered cholesterol, diminished joint pain, increased lean muscle mass, improved memory, lower blood pressure, and have greater exercise capabilities, and the list goes on, if you get a regular dose of growth hormone. These proponents state that there is a link between growth hormone level and the above mentioned benefits. There may be truth in that, but I think the real thing to understand here is that your body already has growth hormone in abundant supply, it just needs to be released!

I recently listened to a CD by Larry Scott, a heavy weight lifting champion. He spoke mainly about the ratio of nutrients our body needs to lose weight, or gain weight, but he also touched on the topic of growth hormones produced by our body. The benefits are of utmost concern to us women: youthful skin, not to mention the above list of benefits. The problem is, our bodies stop releasing this hormone around 20 or 30, and it just sits in our glands, doing us no good.

He said that there have been studies done on 80 year old cadavers, that showed they had lots of growth hormone in their glands, it just hadn’t been released! Our body produces an ample amount of this growth hormone, and releases it freely when we are young, particularly during our adolescent years. It’s just as we get older, that we have to do certain things to trigger its release.

Larry hinted at these things on the CD I listened to, but, I just had to know the 4 things that triggered this release of growth hormone, so I called him, and asked. He very graciously told me.

Four ways you can trigger the release of your growth hormone are:
1.Sleep. Planning is involved here, but is well worth it. Get your proper sleep, and get growth hormones released in your body for free!
2)Fasting. 3 hours before bedtime, and before you exercise, causes the release of growth hormone.
3)Arginine and L-lysine (amino acids), taken together.
4)Exercising to the point of feeling cramps in the muscle. This causes you to burn fat in that specific area as well as triggers the release of growth hormone!

What is really incredible about this is that three of these things are easily achieved by you, at home, without spending any money! Easy exercises that you can do at home. You can get a video like I have, showing simple exercises you can do in a minute. It showed mostly exercises I already knew, such as squats and lunges, for example, but it revolutionized my thinking in that I am now doing those exercises in a spare moment here and there, and I CAN TELL A DIFFERENCE! I feel stronger, and healthier, and have the feeling of good health (more energy!) that comes with a release of growth hormone!

This information is so exciting to me, as I much prefer natural remedies, especially free ones, to help us achieve and maintain good health. I am reminded of the “butterfly effect”: meaning, putting into practice small things daily will amount to an incredible change in the end results. Implement these four things into your life, and increase your release of growth hormone: you have it in you!