Growing Roses Successfully

Many people shy away from growing roses out of fear of failing at the experiment. The truth of the matter is that roses don’t have to be incredibly difficult to grow. Depending on the climate involved and the type of rose bush chosen, these plants can be pretty simple to add to a home or even professional garden.

Roses do require a little care, but the effort is well worth the rewards. With proper growing techniques and some fertilizer and a few prayers, just about anyone can have beautiful roses.

Deciding to grow roses in a garden and successfully doing so will depend on a few things. Roses need these things to thrive:

* Lots of sun. These plants truly thrive in full sunlight. The more sun the better. Some varieties will do well, however, in partial shade, so if you don’t happen to have a full sun location available, don’t despair. Just check into the right variety for your situation.
* Rich soil that’s packed loose. Roses are hungry plants. They need a whole lot of nutrients, which means that planting them should come along with lots of compost and manure that’s mixed into the regular garden soil. Peat moss and specially designed rose products will work, too.
* Feed roses and they’ll reward you. Roses can nosh through a ton of nutrients in the soil. It’s important to start them off right by adding correct fertilizer and continuing to do so every few weeks. Some people tend to bury fish or other animal remains in their rose gardens, but watch out for predators that might dig them up and do damage to your rose bushes along the way.
* Water. Roses are also thirsty, but they don’t like soil that doesn’t drain well. Make sure you keep them watered, but do have the soil loose enough for proper drainage.
* Mulch around roses to ensure moisture content stays high.
* Get rid of weeds. These compete for the nutrients roses need to grow, so get them out of your rose beds.
* Pruning. Roses should be cut back to avoid an unkempt appearance. It’s okay to do this on a semi regular basis to keep the plant looking and growing good.
* Protect against insects and diseases. Roses sometimes fall prey to these. Apply the correct products to protect your plants.

Growing roses isn’t an impossible undertaking. They do require a little more work than some other gardening choices, but the rewards are breathtaking.