Growing Indoor African Violets

Bringing a little beauty and lots of color indoors, home gardeners tend to do very well with African violets. The advantage to these little potted wonders is the fact they are prone to being very easy to grow while providing big rewards with their flowering appearance.

Successfully growing African violets indoors will require only a small bit of work. Do keep in mind they require a bit more than some other houseplants. But, all in all, they are very hearty plants that can handle a bit of neglect before they start showing signs of it.

With beautiful dark green leaves and deep purple flowers (in most cases) these violets are loved for their ability to blend and add to just about any home’s decorating scheme. Providing a little bit of the outdoors inside, these plants work well in kitchens, living rooms and even sitting areas.

Growing African violets only requires a little time, too. Here’s some advice for helping yours thrive:

* These plants love sunshine. The best place for them is in a very sunny spot that doesn’t have direct rays beating down on them in the hottest months. Artificial light works well for these plants, too, if no natural light is available.
* African violets do have some pretty particular eating requirements. Inasmuch, many stores carry fertilizer and soil mixes created especially for these plants. Phosphorous helps these plants bloom.
* Pots for violets should offer good drainage to help avoid over watering. In general, watering violets should be done from the bottom up without getting the leaves wet. They require water every few days. The reason not to water the leaves is to avoid unsightly spots that can form on the plant when these get wet.
* African violets are considered the king of indoor plants because they do very well in ideal indoor temperatures. Their favored range is about 75 degrees during the day and about 65 to 70 at night.
* Repotting. Don’t forget to watch the roots for any signs of stress. If they’re starting to come out of the pot, consider giving your plant a new and bigger home. Repotting doesn’t take long and with the right soil/fertilizer combination, it can result in a very happy plant.

Very easy to care for and beautiful to look at, African violets are the perfect indoor plant. Requiring only a little bit of care to grow and thrive, these plants are wonderful for those just learning how to garden and even for pros who appreciate their delicate and beautiful purple blooms.