Grow New Brain Cells with Exercise

Exercise is excellent for our physical health. We know that it’s good for our heart and weight and now there’s proof that it’s good for our brain. There are studies that suggest exercise can actually grow new brain cells. This is something that was believed impossible not long ago.

Age-related memory usually starts to decline around age 30, but exercise can help you fight this decline and prevent Alzheimer’s.

Test with mice has shown they developed new brain cells in the dentate gyrus region. This is part of the hippocampus that affects age-related memory. These studies do show a natural pattern, which proves that people can also grow new brain cells with exercise.

A test was performed on 11 adults that went though a three month exercise program. Test with MRIs of their brains demonstrated increased blood flow to the dentate gyrus region, similar to the mice.

This is very exciting news! We now know that we can do more to fight back against memory decline. Exercise can build new brain cells as we get in shape both mentally and physically.

In the future physicians may prescribe particular exercise routines to patients that have mental decline. This is much more promising than drugs.

Exercise optimizes your brain to learn, improves circulation, boosts metabolism, decreases stress and improves attention and mood.

The brain cells work better when you exercise, making it easier for the neurons to communicate back and forth.

Basically if you exercise regularly, you will become smarter, more alert and be able to carry out all of your tasks better. You will also feel better.

Even brisk walking a few times a week will help. Start there and build up. Your body and mind will thank you. Another benefit is that this will help flatten your stomach. Most of us will like that idea.

If you want to stay fit and eliminate your dependency on others as you age, then start an exercise routine now.

If you combine an exercise routine with a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in processed junk food, then your results could be amazing. Blueberries and bilberries also seem to help the brain’s neurons to communicate better. This can improve motor behavior in the aging.

Why not start today? Begin by going for a short stroll and increase the distance in the days ahead. This is not a quick fix, but a new lifestyle that will help bring you health, peace and happiness, if you truly want it enough to go the distance.