Green Power Juicer Juices Everything – From Fruit To WheatGrass

The Green Power Juicer is definitely one of the best juicers on the market and it comes in a variety of different models.

The reason so many people choose the Green Power Juicer is because it tends to extract a lot more juice from fruit and vegetables than most other juicers.

This means that the nutrients are kept and they are a lot better for you than the juices that other machines create.

The reason this juicer tends to extract more juice and nutrients from the fruit and vegetables, is because it has a Twin Gear Press Technology.

This helps to provide more calcium, zinc and iron in the juice and it is even possible to store the juice in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours before it loses its nutritional value.

Another great feature with this juicer is the fact that it is extremely quiet compared with other models. Its rotator goes at a speed of around 160-rpm, which is said to be the ideal speed for a juicer.

The speed also determines the amount of heat that the juicer creates and in the Green Power Juicer, it tends to produce hardly any. This is another reason why the nutrients are not lost during the process.

Something else that this particular juicer benefits from is automatic pulp ejection and one step continuous juicing. It juices virtually all the different fruit and vegetables available and it even juices wheat grass and sprouts.

You will not have to worry about cleaning the machine, either, as it is really easy to disassemble and reassemble. It does not take long to clean and it is a heavy-duty juicer that is made out of the highest quality materials.

This means it should last for quite a while. When you buy it, it comes with a five-year guarantee and the motor and gears have a two-year guarantee.

The great thing about the Green Power Juicer is that it can also prepare frozen, non-dairy treats. These include baby food, veggie loaf and even ice cream!

It is the first juicer in the world to have extremely powerful magnets that help to create a maximum nutritional quality juice.

The juicer itself comes with:

* A glass juicing bowl
* A cleaning brush
* Two different plungers, one of which is wooden and the other is plastic
* Two different screens, one coarse and one fine
* A Rice Cake attachment
* Homogenizing Blank
* Pasta Making Attachments

Overall, the Green Power Juicer is by far one of the best juicers in the world. It has a wide variety of features and it is not the most expensive juicer available to buy either.