Green Paper Choices Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It is easy to become depressed and feel helpless at the thought of global warming as it often seems like everything you do is at least an indirect cause of it. Fortunately, there are many ways you can easily help stop global warming and become empowered by making small changes in your life.

Two Basic Paper Recycling Facts

If you want to help prevent global warming, then you should become aware of where your paper comes from. Think about the paper towels in your kitchen, the Kleenex on your table or the toilet paper in your bathroom. According to Laurie David in her book Stop Global Warming: The Solution Is You!, many of the everyday tissue paper products we use, like toilet paper, come from 100 to 150 year old virgin forests in Northern Canada.[1] When virgin forests are cut down to supply our paper needs, they can no longer help process the gases which are warming our planet.

Don’t despair though! The way you spend your money can, in the long term, determine whether or not these trees will continue to be felled. As David notes, “If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin toilet paper with one recycled post-consumer waste roll, 424,000 trees would still be standing.” The problem is that most brand name tissue papers – Kleenex, Scott, Angel Soft, Cottonelle, Bounty, Brawny, Puffs, Charmin –have zero recycled fibers in their products.[2]

Use Your Buying Power to Stop Prevent Global Warming

This means that it is your duty to make the change and actively seek out products which use recycled material. Adding to the fact that you’ll help prevent global warming, you will also save money, as value tissues are often less expensive, not because their products have less quality, but because value brands do not spend millions of dollars on advertisements, such as Charmin’s 2007 Super Bowl ad.

At present, the US government does not mandate any policy regarding the fiber content of tissue papers. Furthermore, a mandate which would require producers to include recycled or post-consumer materials in their products is unlikely to occur in the near future. This means that if you want major brands to stop wasting trees then you must hit them in their pocket books and buy your toilet paper elsewhere. The following is a list of toilet paper brands which you can buy for your home which will reduce the number of virgin trees that are cut down and help prevent global warming. If not entirely composed of recycled materials, these companies at least have a high ratio of recycled to virgin fiber in their products:

Best Value, Marcal, 365 Everyday Value, Colortex, Earth Friendly Products, Fiesta, April Soft, Doucelle, Green Forest, Cascades, Mr. Jumbo, Natural Value, Pert, Planet, Seventh Generation Recylced Bathroom Tissue Papericon, Soft’N’ Fluffy, Trader Joe’s, Ultra Val-U and Velvet.[3]

Once you’ve successfully upgraded your toilet tissues don’t stop there! There exists a myriad of recycled products, waiting to be discovered by you. Remember, you as the consumer hold the power to change the way paper products are used.

Everyday brings forth new opportunities. The world seems bright tomorrow; but it is up to you to do what is necessary now to maintain that for the years ahead.

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